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2010 Honda VT1300CX

2010 Honda VT1300CXHonda VT1300CX

2010 VT1300CXVT1300CX


Choppers have existed on the fringes of the motorcycling scene for decades. They are built and owned by a diverse mix of riders who are united by a passion for the machine itself and the emotions aroused by owning and riding it. Like other genres of motorcycle, choppers have evolved over the years.

Early, often crude home-built efforts have inspired ever greater innovation and true choppers are now
something of an art form with highly desirable looks and attitude. The Honda VT1300CX is a true original in
the genre – a radical concept offered in a unique package that’s accessible to nearly every rider.

The VT1300CX is visually daring and great fun to ride, with a feel and sound that place the rider squarely in
the chopper domain. It also delivers the same functionality, quality and reliability you would expect from a Honda, and at an affordable price.

Development concept

The process of designing a new motorcycle involves many things. Precise calculations, measurements and
specifications must be determined and tried in various combinations before the best result is achieved. At
Honda, these factors are also blended with an additional element – a love for the machine.The new VT1300CX is an example of what happens when our designers and engineers are allowed to carry their
passion to the extreme. Stunningly creative and with radical, head-turning looks, this motorcycle is a milestone.The VT1300CX is the offspring of people who get excited about creating new motorcycles; true
enthusiasts who understand what it means to get completely involved with their creation. It captures the essence of the chopper genre – a motorcycle that simply feels right, looks right and sounds right when it’s
done well, rather than the result of a precise formula.

Their extensive experience in building motorcycles of all types has allowed our engineers to incorporate this
essence with the handling, functionality and ride expected of a Honda.The creation of the VT1300CX posed a considerable challenge. A delicate balance needed to be found between the extended chopper look with its stretched wheelbase and exaggerated steering rake and the rideability expected from every Honda. The design focus began with the high steering head and open look in the front end, and radiated outward from there. Extensive cooperation took place between the styling team in the USA at Honda Research Americas (HRA) and the Honda engineers in Japan. Original sketches were refined many times. This is a machine that’s designed and constructed for people who have always longed for a chopper. Its classic profile and the defiant attitude it expresses are instantly recognisable. However, this chopper has a unique difference. It taps directly into a lust for riding; and you can simply ride and enjoy it without the costs, compromises and headaches traditionally attached to chopper performance. In other words, it’s a chopper that’s 100 per cent Honda.


For cruisers and choppers, style is king. The focus of the VT1300CX is its raked-out chopper styling,
incorporating a visual balance of positive and negative space between the airy front end and the more
substantial engine and rear end. Its high-mount steering head gives the framea see-through, open-air look with plenty of breathing room between the upper frame and the front cylinder head. Its long, slim fuel
tank is perched up high, while its seat is ultra-low.

The fat 200mm rear tyre is paired with a slim 90mm front wheel that’s wrapped in an attractively closefitting
fender. A striking visual impact is created by the multi-faceted nine-spoke front and seven-spoke rear wheel design.

The condensed, hard-tail look of the rear end is accentuated by the exaggerated rake and stretched
wheelbase which stretches a full 1,810mm between axles, giving a soft ride as well as a characteristic look.

Clean lines and curves in every part of the bike emphasise a Spartan return to basics. Equally important, a close-up inspection of the VT1300CX reveals an attention to detail which has been carried to the extreme.The prominent chrome headlight accentuates the frame and fork angles. Even the LED taillight
complements the shape of the rear fender, which also lacks visible fender stays – all for the purpose of
giving the reara simple and elegant shape. Smooth, clean lines also define the swingarm and the driveshaft
on the left side. Clean-cut execution and careful crafting create a chopper with the distinct air of a full-on hand-built custom bike, but one that can be owned and maintained for a fraction of the cost.

Colouring concept

The VT1300CX comes in two colours. A striking metallic blue provides an eye-catching option for this
masterful V-twin, while the intense black accentuates its extravagant styling.


  • Graphite Black
  • Glint Blue Wave Metallic


The engine is the soul of the VT1300CX. Fire it up and waves of muscular V-twin power, sound and feel flood the senses. Based on Honda’s proven and muscular VTX1300 motor, it is a 1312cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin with a single-pin crankshaft, dual balancers and a new Programmed Fuel Injection system. The engine is cooled by a compact radiator that’s neatly concealed between the frame’s downtubes. Maintaining the neat, uncluttered look, the top radiator hose is hidden away beneath the front head cover. A newly designed dual exhaust system and new camshafts add to the creation of an engine that produces hugely satisfying performance and awesome sound. The clean, reliable, maintenance-free shaft drive means more time spent on the road and less in the garage. It’s all about the ride.


The long, low VT1300CX chassis is lean and uncluttered. Within the all-new high-tensile steel frame, each separate element shares cascading effects with other interrelated parts, resulting in a fluidity of design that is remarkable even in the chopper field. The slim and voluptuously styled fuel tank is perfectly angled and balanced with the handlebar shape and size and the stout 45mm fork handles suspension duties with easy confidence. The distinctive alloy wheels have a single, powerful 336mm front disc brake complemented by a 296mm disc brake at the back. An advanced Antilock Brake System is available as an option, providing the ultimate in secure and confident braking. This is the first time an ABS has been applied in our Custom category and it has been specially tailored to fit the minimalistic VT1300CX styling. Thus the system modulator has been placed low down under the swingarm and is invisible on the bike’s exterior. The sleek lines of what appears to be a rigid hard-tail rear end actually cloak an ingenious singleshock rear suspension system with an aluminium swingarm, adjustable rebound damping and 35- position spring preload adjustment. This combination provides riding comfort that’s far and above the norm for a chopper.

Optional equipment

Honda considersthe VT1300CX as a base for additional customising by owners who want to add an
individual touch. A full line of accessories will be available from Honda Access upon its release. These

  • A tubular chrome backrest and an optional stylish backrest pad for pillion comfort.
  • A wide, low boulevard screen with attractive chrome stays for extra protection against the elements.
  • A colour-matched front spoiler made from injectionmoulded ABS material and styled for a sporty, custom appearance.
  • A chrome-plated steel rear fender panel that completes the solo seat look.