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2010 Kawasaki KLX125 and D-Tracker 125

2010 Kawasaki KLX125Kawasaki KLX125

2010 KLX125Kawasaki D-Tracker 125

2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker 125

Kawasaki proudly introduces the new KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125, two brand new models, whose superb balance, perfect proportions and compact size make them ideal for new riders.

Both the dual purpose KLX125 (KLX125C) and Super Moto style D-TRACKER 125 (KLX125D) feature a simple and reliable 125cc air-cooled Single engine mounted in a lightweight, compact chassis designed specifically for the 125cc class. With low seat heights and slim seat designs that facilitate planting both feet firmly on the ground, the bikes are both easy to ride and diminutive in stature make them easy for learners. This high accessibility is enhanced by hassle-free starting care of electric start and high quality
fuel injection.

The KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125, are both designed to be enjoyable even for highly experienced riders, offering a level of fun that belies their size. Rigid perimeter frames are mated to highly capable suspension – including, in the case of the D-TRACKER 125, an inverted front fork more commonly found on larger bikes. The engines feature big-bike style fuel injection systems (with individual fuel pump and injector components) and throttle bodies are equipped with idle speed control. Like many other top quality Kawasaki’s, they both feature petal disc brakes offering superb stopping power along with efficient disc cooling.

With chassis components designed exclusively for the 125cc class (rather than borrowed from larger models), the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 have extremely well-balanced proportions that complement their sharp, modern styling.

Wheel size is smaller than that of rivals (19”/16” for the KLX125; 14” front and rear for the D-TRACKER 125), contributing to compact proportions and adding to a unique ride feel. Compact headlamp and full digital instrumentation complete the packages. KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 – two great choices for those new to riding, or those who simply prefer the compact size and light weight that a full-size model cannot provide.

Lightweight and compact, with low seat heights, simple and reliable engines and hassle-free starting, the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 offer highly accessible, non-intimidating packages, making them ideal for new riders.

Lightweight & compact

Because their chassis components were designed specifically for the 125cc class, the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 offer lightweight, compact packages. The combination of light weight and small size make both machines easy to ride and easy to learn on. Both bikes also offer tight turning radii.

Compact 7.0 litre fuel tank contributes to low overall machine weight and minimises weight above the centre of gravity.

Low seat height

The compact packages also result in low seat heights.

  • KLX125: 830 mm
  • D-TRACKER 125: 805 mm

Slim seat design complements the low seat height, making it even easier for riders to reach the ground with
their feet.

Simple to maintain and durable engine

  • Air-cooled SOHC 2-valve 125cc Single has an output of 10 PS.
  • 27.5 mm intake valve and 24 mm exhaust valve have an included angle of 58°.
  • Valve actuation is via rocker arms with valve clearance adjusters.
  • Oxygen sensor and muffler catalyser ensure emissions are clean.
  • 5-speed manual transmission offers a gear for every situation. 5-plate clutch uses three different types of friction plates to ensure durability while reducing clutch noise.

Big-bike style Fuel Injection system

Instead of a discharge pump type FI system, the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 feature a big-bike style FI system (where fuel pump, injector and throttle body are all separate pieces). This type of system reduces the chance of air ingestion, making it ideal for spirited sports riding.

Throttle body is equipped with ISC (Idle Speed Control) to ensure stable idling when starting a cold engine, riding at high altitudes, or restarting a hot engine. Engine speed is adjusted automatically, so riders do not need to. This is the first use of ISC on a Kawasaki motorcycle.

The FI ECU makes use of input from an intake air pressure sensor, crankshaft sensor, Oxygen sensor, neutral switch, vehicle-down sensor, throttle position sensor, engine temperature sensor and intake air temperature sensor to control the fuel injector, fuel pump, ignition coil and ISC valve.

The tank-mounted fuel pump incorporates a fuel level sensor. When the fuel level becomes low, a low-fuel warning lamp will come on.

Hassle-free starting

The combination of an electric starter and fuel injection ensures hassle-free starting. Starter and engine stop switch are located on the right handle grip.

Despite their small size and simple construction, the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 were designed to be Fun Bikes that even pro riders could enjoy. Highly rigid perimeter frame purpose-built for the 125cc class
The all-new steel perimeter frame was custom-built for the 125cc class. Its high rigidity, compact size and light weight offer excellent handling qualities and contribute to easy manoeuvrability.

A combination of form and function, the frame was also designed to be easy to grip with the legs, offering superior chassis control to the rider.

Highly capable suspension

Combined with the highly rigid frame, highly capable suspension ensures excellent handling and feedback. Like all the other chassis components, the front and rear suspension were designed specifically for the 125cc class.

The KLX125 features a 33 mm telescopic fork. Its 175 mm stroke is ideal for a dual purpose machine, able to handle both on- and off-road conditions.

The D-TRACKER 125 is equipped with a 35 mm inverted fork. With the spring in the left tube and damping force provided by the right tube, the fork offers both performance and light weight. The fork’s settings and 150 mm stroke are ideal for road and sporting.

Durable fork guards on the D-TRACKER 125 protect the fork inner tubes from rocks and debris.

Both models use a single shock absorber with pressurised nitrogen gas at the rear.

Small wheels and tyres

Selected as best match for the 125cc class-specific chassis, small rim and tyre sizes contribute to the compact package and enhance manoeuvrability.

The KLX125 features a 19” front wheel and 16” rear. Tyres are as follows:

  • F: 70/100-19M/C 42P
  • R: 90/100-16M/C 51P

The D-TRACKER 125 features 14” wheels front and rear. Tyres are as follows:

  • F: 100/80-14M/C 48P
  • R: 120/80-14M/C 58P

In both cases, the small tyres sizes are Kawasaki’s first use on a street model.

Petal disc brakes

Petal brake discs front and rear provide superb stopping power. In addition to helping reduce unsprung weight, the wave shapes of the petal discs help clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance.

At the front, a 240 mm petal disc is gripped by a twin-piston caliper.

The rear wheel is slowed by a 190 mm petal disc and single-piston caliper.

Whether dressed in a dual purpose or super moto styling, both the KLX125 and D-TRACKER offer sharp looks complemented by ideal proportions. Well-balanced proportions

With all chassis components were designed specifically for the 125cc class (rather than borrowed from larger-displacement models), the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 have very well-balanced proportions that add to their sharp appearance.

Modern styling

While most bodywork components for the two models share the same design, the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 feature their own unique mirrors and front fenders. They can be further distinguished by their front forks and wheels.

35W headlamp uses a quartz halogen bulb and multi-reflector lens, allowing a compact design. The headlamp is powered by the battery.

Compact tail light contributes to the stylish appearance of the rear.

Digital instrumentation

Fully digital instrument panel includes digital speedometer, bar-type tachometer, clock, odometer, trip
meter and FI and low fuel warning lamps.