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2010 Kawasaki KLX250

2010 Kawasaki KLX2502010 KLX250

Tracing its roots back to the KLX300R Enduro machine, the KLX250 has all the design and engineering credentials necessary to be an ideal quarter litre machine. Whether simply riding into town, or taking to country roads and trials at the weekends, the KLX250 is an ideal partner.

Especially popular among those new to two wheels – and also those returning to motorcycles - the KLX250 has all the looks of a bigger machine yet can be manoeuvred by a novice with confidence.

Electric starting, a 22PS rated water-cooled engine and a reassuring riding position make the KLX250 easy to live with and fun to ride.

Fuel injection

To offer maximum performance, the KLX250’s fuel injection system utilises an ultra-fine atomising (10-hole) injector. The result is a very smooth engine character, especially in the rpm range most used in day-to-day riding. From the mid-range onward, the engine revs quickly and easily. Further, the fuel injection contributes to clean emissions, easier starting and improved fuel economy.

Exhaust system

The new KLX features an all-stainless steel exhaust system. A honeycomb catalyser (located in the muffler) and secondary air system ensure Euro-III emissions regulations are met.

Frame and swingarm

The KLX250’s box- and tubular-section high-tensile steel perimeter frame creates a slim, lightweight package. The 26.5o caster angle and short wheelbase contribute to quick handling, while the high rigidity of the frame ensures straight-line stability. The new lightweight, highly rigid aluminium D-section swingarm contributes to reduced unsprung weight. New KX racing-type chain adjusters allow precise adjustment of chain slack, helping to minimise drivetrain power transfer loss.


Lower seat height (care of the suspension’s reduced stroke) makes it easier for riders to reach the ground with their feet, for added confidence when stopped. Revised handlebar is straighter and moves the hand position up and in. The more relaxed position makes the bike easier to ride and control. Footpegs are positioned close to the bike’s centreline for a slim riding position conducive to both on- and off-road riding.
A new seat shape and stiffer urethane make it easier to change seating position.


The 43 mm inverted cartridge-style front fork comes with 16-way compression damping adjustment. The cartridge provides consistent damping force by minimising aeration of the fork oil. KX-style fork guards protect the inner tubes from rocks and brush.

Uni-Trak rear suspension provides great road holding ability and bump absorption. The gas-charged shock with remote reservoir has 16-way compression and rebound damping and fully adjustable preload adjustability.

All new linkage and revised damping settings reduce some of the bike’s front-rear pitching motion, resulting in increased straight-line stability and a more planted feel in corners.


Front and centre, a new front cowl and two-bulb headlamp design give the KLX an aggressive new visage.

All-digital instrumentation

All-digital instrument console gives at-a-glance information. Features include a digital bar-graph tachometer, digital speedometer, clock, and dual trip meters. The fuel-injection lamp also doubles as a low-fuel warning lamp.