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2010 Kawasaki VN900 Custom

2010 Kawasaki VN900 Custom2010 VN900 Custom

The gap between factory and custom bike narrows even further in the VN900 Custom. Hard-core styling and real-world riding ability show that form can follow function. The VN900 Custom is the proof.


Chrome slash-cut stacked silencers define custom style, allowing that unmistakeable V-twin character to come through while meeting stringent Euro III emissions regulations

An eye on the clocks

True cruisers have tank-mounted clocks. Chrome mounts are essential to the look.

Custom lamp, high-rise bars

Compact yet effective headlight and high rise pull-back bars are pure custom.


There’s only one choice of engine layout for a custom cruiser – a V-twin. This one is liquid-cooled, displaces 903cc and uses precise fuel injection to deliver effortless torque.

Modern performance, lean lines

A disc brake mated to a 21 in 18-spoke wheel and slim forks give the VN900 Custom a classic cruiser stance and reassuring stopping power.