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2010 KTM 250 SX

KTM 250 SX

  • Ultra-light chrome molybdenum frame with screwed-on aluminium subframe
  • Fully adjustable WP 48 mm USD fork with closed cartridge technology, numerous updates and new tuning
  • New cylinder head for improved durability
  • New, far more robust exhaust silencer
  • Newly developed, KTM-patented, CNCmachined triple clamps with a 22 mm offset
  • New graphics and shiny bright colours
  • New Renthal grip
  • Brembo brake with new, additionally optimised Toyo brake pads (front)
  • Optimised air box design plus new air filter for more effective protection against dirt

The Two-Stroke Express

For the self-confessed power junkies among the two-stroke fans, the 250 SX will remain a stable fixture in KTM's 2010 Motocross range. To enable KTM to remain true to twostroke motorcycles in the future, the 250 SX is undergoing continual technical and visual improvements. For example, the 2010 version of the 250 SX has a new cylinder head, which has been specially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Visually similar to other KTM motorcycle in the 2010 model year, the new, sophisticated, patented triple clamps were also a must for the 250 SX. The bending flexibility in conjunction with the fork has been increased and the crushing impact on the fork tubes has effectively been prevented. The already familiar feature of two ignitions curves and the spring-adjusted exhaust control system with three settings enable the motorcycle to be optimally tailored to the rider and the terrain. Thanks to these modifications, the 250 SX is once again the most competitive two-stroke powerhouse on this world's Motocross tracks in 2010.