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2010 KTM 690 Duke R

KTM 690 Duke R

With the most powerful single cylinder in the world, KTM continues to record the success story of the Duke
The KTM LC4 model palette is legendary. What was set in motion for 20 years ago in Mattighofen, Austria with the development of a potent and sporty single cylinder four-stroke motor has now resulted in the company having a massive fan base.

Thousands of Endurists, Supermoto and Street Bike riders all over the world swear by the sporty single-cylinder from Austria that is so difficult to overtake. KTM was able to further extend its leading role with
the introduction onto the market in the spring of 2007 of a completely new LC-4 generation: the entirely new engine that lifted the single cylinder to a new level in matters of performance, rideability and Laufkultur ??. the LC-4 made its debut packed in the highly modern 690 Supermoto, which shone with its exemplary
consumption and emission behaviour.

In the following year KTM presented the 690 Enduro, the 690 SMC, the 690 Supermoto R and the new Duke – and with this, made a strong commitment to the single-cylinder, LC4 principle.

As the latest proof or this conviction, the commitment to the development continues with an impassioned heart. At the EICMA 2009, KTM, with the 690 Duke R, presents the most powerful single-cylinder of all times that is registered for the road – the just 148 kg-light motorcycle comes in at 70 hp. A sleek and sensationally agile chassis, fitted through and through with high quality components and the extremely purist
sporty Duke style completes the latest LC4 model.

Also in its strongest stage of development KTM’s LC4 single is not only the most powerful but also the most modern single cylinder in the world, super reliable, extremely maintenance friendly and with a singularly logical structure.

Thanks to the longer stroke (84.5 instead of 80 cm) and the displacement expanded to 690 ccm the 690 Duke R produces a juicy 70 hp top performance and 70 Nm maximum torque, which is produced in a unique, spontaneous and wonderfully cultivated single cylinder manner. Thanks to the Electronic Power
Throttle (EPT) the motor management monitors the fuel instructions of the rider.

Quite apart from this the LC4 belongs to the most economical motor of all times. A nice side effect and evidence of the high level of technical competence: the series observation and tribological refinements – like the further optimised surface refinements through the use of a high abrasion fixer, therefore an extremely scratch resistant DLC coating – allows that from this model year, the inspection intervals of all LC4 models
can be extended from the original 5000 km to 7500 km.

When it comes to the shock absorber of the 690 Duke there’s nothing left to desire – race ready high tech with a broad range of adjustments, many possible settings and excellent basic tuning – a component the likes of which is being sought by the competitors. For the 690 Duke R there is an orange powder-coated spring that matches the racy “R” design.

However the already excellent fork fitted to the standard model has been further refined for the 690 Duke R: after extremely fine polishing, its enormous warp resistant 48er inner pipe is coated with a special scratch resistant and robust TiAlN, which, together with a matching setting, ensures even more grip and improves suspension sensibility.

Topic fork: Here carbon the carbon fibre mudguard not only underscores the appearance of the 690 Duke R; it also reduces the non-sprung mass of the front wheel by over 300 grams. The interplay between the light but still torsion-stiff latticed tubular frame creates a chassis with a unique, one piece, finned, latticed, die-cast swing arm and black anodised triple clamps that is balanced, safe and super-safe, which gives 148 km-light street robber an unequalled riding dynamic.

Not just single cylinder fans but all enthusiastic sports motorcycle riders find the 690 Duke R to be an unusual, reliable and arrow swift guarantee for pure riding fun.

  • Highly dynamic single-cylinder fourstroke motorcycle, 690 cc, power: 51.5 kW/70 HP; dry sump lubrication, active engine housing ventilation, hollow stem valves, extremely light forged piston, balance shaft, six-speed transmission, EFI, electronic power throttle
  • No brake judder thanks to the APTC anti-hopping clutch
  • Fully adjustable WP suspension chassis; 48 millimetre upside-down fork with TiAlN-coated inner tubes, shock absorber with further refined R-setup
  • 60% lighter, manually laminated carbon mudguard on front
  • 'R' design, orange powder-coated frame

The New Bike With Added Sports Appeal

Since as far back as 1994, the name 'Duke' has stood for fast, agile and unique powerhouses that cannot be pigeonholed. For 2010, however, KTM is once again adding an extra something with the new 690 Duke R. As with all 'R' models, riders expect the 'R' design to have an extremely powerful cocktail of sporty dynamics and an athletic look. The 690 Duke R hits the spot with its playful handling, high-precision riding characteristics and low weight. Its sensational 70 HP single-cylinder engine is the most powerful in the world and is integrated into a rigid trellis chassis. KTM has equipped the motorcycle with lightweight 17-inch wheels and premium quality, fully adjustable WP chassis components with TiAIN-coated fork inner tubes. A
Brembo four-piston radial brake system ensures excellent deceleration. The carbon mudguard, the numerous black components and the dark-coloured tail light highlight the machine's special status as a motorcycle
that has been lovingly designed to meet the highest quality standards... and that does absolutely everything it promises!