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KTM Adventure Tours - Pure Offroad Riding Fun

The KTM Adventure Tours 2010 offer the ultimate in offroad fun. Whether at an offroad school ran by racing professionals, on a guided trip or a longer journey, the spectacular programme takes participants
to the Europe's most beautiful locations. And pure adventure is always guaranteed!

The experience is as worthwhile for beginners as it is for offroad nuts and for casual Enduro riders as for veritable world travellers. Anyone interested can find an overview of the entire programme in the 'offroad only' catalogue, as well as additional information on the most stunning tours and best offroad training at www. All the adventures are experienced in small groups on first-class routes and all the trainers and tour guides are former racing professionals who enjoyed great success during their racing careers.

The KTM Adventure Tours also provide Supermoto training for all riders, whatever the level of previous experience – fun on two wheels always has top priority! Riders of other motorcycle brands are extremely welcome on many KTM Adventure tours. Please see the official folder and click