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KTM Race Orange - The KTM Experience on the Race Track

Shooting full speed down the straight, then slamming on the brakes, leaning in, flying round the corner and hitting the accelerator again – race track riding is great fun. Even more so on a KTM Race Orange TnT Track Day. Whether your first ever track experience or a quest to shave off that last tenth of a second, KTM
Race Orange is the perfect choice. The programme unfolds on Europe's most popular racing tracks and all participants get up-close experiences of the 'Ready to Race' philosophy.

Groups are organised by ability. Professional instructors look after both the rookies and the race cracks. TNT stands for Track 'n Test and all participants get the chance to thoroughly test out exactly what their
KTM street models can do on the race track. Those who want to can also take part in a sprint race as part of the KTM Race Orange Track Day. Of course, we will also give you technical advice and even provide you with a KTM lease motorcycle at your request. Riders of non-KTM motorcycles are extremely welcome.

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