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2010 Moto Morini Scrambler

2010 Moto Morini ScramblerMoto Morini Scrambler

2010 Moto Scrambler2010 Scrambler

If there’s a motorcycle whose definition in any biker’s dictionary would denote a very personal concept, such as freedom, it would be the Scrambler: unadorned, eclectic, agile and easy to handle. A motorcycle that can manoeuvre any type of road, hence perfect for escaping the daily routine, the Scrambler was invented in the 1960s to interpret the thirst for freedom and independence of a generation. So many years down the road, it still maintains its original allure.

Moto Morini interprets the Scrambler in its own way and brings out a motorcycle with a hands-down sporty character. Designed on the foundation of the 9 ½ project, it has a calling for crossover use, which comes through in the 19” front wheel and the tread-blocked tyres. Its terrain can either be asphalt or the cobblestones of a town centre, or else the offroads of the countryside.

The aesthetic design by Marabese Design makes a direct reference to the glory years that generated the legend of the Scrambler, but proposes an absolutely modern motorbike with a both a simplicity and a care for details. Aesthetically speaking the main element is the spacious 21-litre tank, designed with roomy indents for the legs that make it more streamlined in the lower part. The front is strongly characterized by the round headlight placed under the small headlight fairing that protects the instrument panel and emphasizes its personality. The wide seat practically forms a single piece with the short, streamlined tail, an effect reinforced
by the colour choices. The setup provides easy, intuitive riding so that instant fun and total comfort are assured.

This simply designed motorcycle leaves in view its technical barebones, exposing a trellis frame that conveys both solidity and light weight, reinforced in the lower part to house the lateral cantilever suspension with integrated piggy back reservoir. The aluminium swingarm with hydroformed arms with an ample section of the original design guarantees light weight and performance. The left side offers the view of the silencers with double tapered exhaust pipes, whereas the front features the Marzocchi fork with 50 mm legs. Particular focus has been dedicated to the ergonomics to guarantee the utmost comfort for the rider and passenger: high handlebar; comfortable, roomy seat; tank that fits the legs easily and a footpeg position ensuring a efficient riding position.

The choice of components has been intended to ensure a high level of quality and gathers some of the best names in Italian manufacturing: Verlicchi, Marzocchi, Paioli, Brembo, to cite the best known, all who contribute to the Scrambler’s identity as an Italian motorcycle in keeping both with tradition and the more recent design decisions of the Morini brand.

The Scrambler is equipped with the Bialbero CorsaCorta 1187 cc twin cylinder designed by Franco Lambertini, a powerful engine which develops 117 hp at 8500 rpm. The engine’s layout is compact, strongly characterized by the 87° V layout of the cylinders and by the innovative solution of the integral casing offering
diverse advantages over traditional solutions, primarily in the stiffness of the whole that makes the engine a load-bearing element. The engine has been optimized on the basis of the 9 ½ project, which features specific thermodynamic characteristics. The most significant design decisions regard the reduction in the intake scoops, the diameter of the valves, the engine timing and the increase in the compression ratio to improve the progression at low rpm and reduce fuel consumption. The result is a powerful engine with 86 kW with 117 hp at 8500 rpm, with a high torque of 102 Nm with 10.4 Kgm at 6700 rpm well distributed over the entire rpm range. And while maintaining an unquestionably sporty character, the engine weds well with the features of the vehicle, enhancing its rideability rather than striving for extreme performance. The exhaust system features a double lateral silencer with tapered exhaust pipes. The vehicle complies with Euro 3 emissions standards.

Core of the chassis is the trellis frame in high-strength tubular steel by Verlicchi based on an exclusive design by Moto Morini. The structure is extremely solid and has been further stiffened in the rear part of the subframe, a stiffness required for adopting the solution of the cantilever lateral suspension.

The function of the chassis is aided by top-notch suspensions. At front is a mighty Marzocchi Magnum with 50 mm diameter legs, with exclusive lightweight plates designed in cast light alloy. The rear is characterized by a weighty doublesided swingarm, a result of hydroforming, a new technology based on the deforming capacity of water power and that allows the production of non-welded pieces. The swingarm built with
this technology offers advantages in terms of weight and structural stiffness. It is aided by a Paioli lateral suspension with piggy back reservoir fully adjustable in rebound and compression. RIMS. The Excel spoked rims with aluminium alloy channel permit mounting of latest generation tubeless tyres. First equipment Michelin Anakee 2, optional Metzeler Karoo with tread blocks. Rims are 19” at front and 17” at rear.

The Brembo systems deliver powerful yet progressive deceleration, granting the rider the sensitivity needed for optimum handling of this difficult aspect of the riding experience. The pair of semi-floating discs measuring 298 mm at front is operated by axial callipers with two pistons with differentiated diameter: it is a solution stemming from a precise technical requirement -- to provide safety through great modulating capacity and sheer power.

The two-toned fuel tank is in shock resistant nylon; it has a 21-litre capacity and can be raised to access the large filter box underneath.

The exhaust system with double lateral silencer gives the bike a very marked identity, while not penalizing the powerful sound of the Bialbero CorsaCorta twin cylinder. Its environmental impact is low, allowing emissions to fall under the limits of the Euro 3 standards.

The Moto Morini catalogue of accessories devotes to the Scrambler a range of products:

  • Expandable right side pannier in tough fabric, it expands enough to hold a full-face helmet and has a capacity of 25 litres
  • Tank bag complete with handle for use as luggage and with straps to turn it into a backpack, 26 litres capacity
  • Rear case in expandable tough fabric, capacity 15 litres
  • Seat case in expandable tough fabric, capacity 15 litres
  • Leather tank bag
  • Leather rear bag
  • Leather right side pannier
  • Tank cover embroidered with the Moto Morini logo
  • Plate number
  • Headlamp grille
  • Skid plate
  • Central stand
  • Seat cover
  • Black or chrome exhaust heat protection
  • Oil cooler
  • Antiskipping system clutch

Two colour versions are being planned: black/white with black frame, white/red
with black frame. Production start-up is scheduled for February 2009.