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2010 Triumph Accessories

Triumph accessories are never created as an after-thought. Developed in parallel with the bikes they are designed for Triumph Accessories offers a range of products to customise the styling, functionality and performance of Triumph motorcycles. All accessories are designed, tested and launched in parallel with the
models for which they are intended, being tested for the equivalent of 120,000 miles in all conditions.

A full range of accessories can be found by using the ‘Create My Triumph’ function at where users can choose any model from Triumph’s full range motorcycles, select the colour of their choice and customise the bike using over 600 options from Triumph’s Genuine Accessory range. The result shows customers exactly what is possible and can be displayed on screen from both the left and right hand sides. Customers can save the image for posterity, display it as a desktop wallpaper or email their dream Triumph to themselves or a friend. A full price, with breakdown of the price of the motorcycles and individual accessories, is displayed and specifications can be saved or printed out and taken to an official Triumph dealer.