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2010 Yamaha Scooters

Discover the new Yamaha scooter range for 2010. From fun 50cc run-arounds to muscular 500cc models built for the open road, the 2010 range is ready to speed riders of all types into the new decade.

2010 Yamaha TMAXLeading the way are the TMAX WHITE MAX – a special 10th Anniversary edition of the iconic TMAX – and the powerful urban style of the new BW’s 125. Elsewhere across the range, a wide selection of models have been updated to include new colours and graphics.

TMAX WHITE MAX: Yamaha celebrates 10 years of the TMAX

In 2000, the first TMAX revolutionised the scooter market. By combining the low centre of mass that makes a scooter so easy to ride with the performance, handling and road presence of a sports touring motorcycle, Yamaha created a unique vehicle – as happy on the highway as it is on busy city streets. It went on to achieve unrivalled popularity throughout Europe. Yamaha White TMAX

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this landmark in scooter design, Yamaha is proud to unveil the new TMAX WHITE MAX. Combining unique, special edition styling with the same performance and power that have made the TMAX a market leader for the last ten years, this is a very special machine.

Unique styling

A striking, one-off white colour scheme accentuates the dynamic, sporty lines of the TMAX WHITE MAX, making a dramatic statement as you glide past in sharp, aerodynamic style. Special edition graphics and luxurious anodised metal parts lend the TMAX WHITE MAX an individual look, completed by a distinctive two-tone seat design and polished titanium-coloured rims with bronze centres.

The styling continues on the inside of the TMAX’s sculpted cockpit area, with white illuminated meters that sit perfectly with the unmistakable TMAX bodywork.
The trademark ‘twin eye’ headlight arrangement and sharp rear light cluster ensure the TMAX WHITE MAX looks as impressive in a rear view mirror as it does accelerating into the distance. A high windshield and aerodynamic bodywork offer excellent weather protection, keeping the elements at bay. At the rear, the exhaust muffler is positioned high, in true sportsbike style, and emits a throaty growl.

Sportsbike performance

The TMAX WHITE MAX’s sports bike performance is the result of its exceptional engine design. The horizontally-mounted, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel twin-cylinder 499cc engine offers the responsiveness to accelerate in the city, and is just as comfortable with long cruises out of town. Providing 43.5PS of power and 46.4 Nm of torque, there is great acceleration from standstill as well as at medium speeds. And with smooth automatic V-Belt transmission, it’s as easy to ride as any scooter.

Motorcycle-style handling

Key to the TMAX WHITE MAX’s motorcycle-like handling is its exceptional frame design and engine position, which deliver handling unlike any other scooter. Constructed from a mix of extruded and cast aluminium sections, using Yamaha’s exclusive CF die-casting technology, the TMAX WHITE MAX’s chassis has an ideal rigidity balance that delivers excellent, motorcycle-like handling and stability while minimising weight.

Maximum comfort

The wheels and suspension of the TMAX WHITE MAX ensure great handling and superb rider comfort. The large, 15inch wheels provide great stability and a quick steering response, while sturdy 43mm diameter front forks keep the front wheel tracking straight over poor surfaces. Strong rear shocks provide brilliant damping over bumps and irregularities in the road.

For an extra feeling of security, the TMAX WHITE MAX features a powerful 267mm rear disc brake and a 267mm, double-disc front brake with the same four-pot mono block brake calipers used in Yamaha sports and touring motorcycles. The result is smooth, strong stopping power at any speed. The TMAX WHITE MAX is also available with ABS brakes for improved stopping in exceptionally bad weather conditions.

Long-distance luxury

For longer trips, two glove compartments provide generous and easily accessible storage – including a cardholder for items such as toll tickets. Additionally, the large underseat compartment – which opens to the rear for easy access – is hinged on gas struts like a car boot. And since it’s illuminated, it’s simple to find your belongings in the dark.

Lucky TMAX WHITE MAX passengers will enjoy the ride too. The large, luxurious sculpted seat, fold-out foot rests and sturdy grab rails make riding two-up a pleasure, and the TMAX WHITE MAX’s power and torque mean it won’t struggle with additional weight. A large, 15-litre capacity fuel tank makes the TMAX WHITE MAX an ideal distance tourer, suitable for long rides and weekends away.

The TMAX WHITE MAX is only available in Competition White.

Key features for TMAX WHITE MAX:

  • Special 10th anniversary edition: TMAX WHITE MAX
  • White bodywork, two-tone seat and exclusive graphics
  • Silver and black anodised metal parts
  • Stylish, polished titanium-coloured rims with bronze centres
  • Horizontally-mounted liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel twin-cylinder 499cc engine provides optimised midrange torque and power
  • Innovative lightweight die-cast aluminium chassis for low speed manoeuvrability and secure high-speed handling
  • Large 15inch wheels front and rear together with large diameter front forks for excellent stability and handling
  • Dual 267mm discs at front with four-piston front callipers and single 267mm disc at rear for secure stopping.
  • Strong rear shock and large front forks for great handling and comfort
  • Luxurious sculpted dual seat, flip-out footpegs and passenger grab rails for comfortable two-up riding
  • Automotive-style instrumentation
  • Illuminated underseat storage and dual gloveboxes
  • ‘Twin eye’ design headlight and stylish sharp rear light cluster for security and road presence
  • Aerodynamic sports-style bodywork for great weather protection
  • Sporty exhaust muffler, high mounted for good road clearance when cornering
  • Large 15 litre capacity fuel tank for long range riding

BW’s 125: Do anything, go anywhere – city commuting with added punch

2010 Yamaha BW125New for 2010, the BW’s 125 ensures that even on the longest, hardest runs, commuting doesn’t have to be a chore. Agile and responsive, this uniquely styled and attitude-filled BW’s-series scooter offers a 125cc, 4-stroke, fuel injected air-cooled engine – giving you the power and punch necessary to negotiate the trickiest traffic.

Agile handling

The agile BW’s 125 tackles whatever the day throws at you: from tight, twisting back roads to busy urban high streets.

Big, wide, all-terrain style 12inch tyres ensure you maintain a great connection with the road, whether it’s a cobbled street or a wet gravel path. Great levels of balance, grip and ride comfort mean you can easily handle any weather and conditions. Off-road grade dual rear shock absorbers take you smoothly over any potholes the city serves up.

The heavy-duty frame is built to withstand the demands of a daily commute in rush-hour traffic, and is matched with an extra-wide handlebar for great control and flexibility, making it easier to negotiate jams. A short wheelbase makes the BW’s 125 exceptionally agile and simple to manoeuvre in tight city streets.

Good looks for a rugged city commute

The masculine, rugged, good looks of the new BW’s 125 – complete with heavy-duty exposed frame, dynamic dual headlights, striking graphics and a specially-designed logo – are the ideal complement to city living, whether commuting to work or enjoying a weekend ride with friends.

Extra design touches include an artfully designed instrument panel, which gives you vital machine information at a glance, and ample underseat storage for a full-face helmet.

Punchy engine with fewer emissions

The BW’s 125 has the power and performance to back up its rugged, urban looks.
The 125cc, 4-stroke, fuel injected, air-cooled engine offers immediate acceleration whenever you turn the throttle, ensuring you have the power to overtake safely and pull away from the lights with confidence. Combined with the grippy tyres and easy handling, it creates the kind of riding character that was made for cities.

Electronic Fuel Injection reduces emissions and also makes the engine incredibly efficient, so it’s easier on your pocket, too.

Added convenience

Designed to be shared, the BW’s 125 features a comfortable pillion seat for two-up riding. The power of the 125cc engine – plus the easy handling offered by the extra wide handlebars, short wheelbase, grippy tyres and off-road grade dual rear shock absorbers - mean that even with a passenger on the back, your journey will be smooth and simple.

And on top of this, Yamaha’s renowned engineering know-how keeps maintenance down to a minimum. You can trust the BW’s 125 to take you anywhere you want to go – always looking good, and always on time.

The BW’s 125 is available in Avalanche White and Midnight Black.

Key features for BW’s 125:

  • New, rugged 125cc city commuter
  • Unique design includes exposed frame
  • Fun, sporty styling
  • Clean and efficient air cooled, 125cc, 4-stroke engine
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Lightweight chassis for agile, responsive handling
  • Grippy, all-terrain style 12inch tyres
  • Dual rear shock absorbers designed to cope with even the toughest roads
  • Dual headlights for secure road presence
  • Space for rider plus passenger
  • Underseat storage accommodates a full face helmet
  • Stylish, easy-to-read instrument panel

The full 2010 Yamaha range

With a wide selection of 50cc scooter, 50cc gearbox models, 125cc scooters and Maxi scooters, the Yamaha scooter range for 2010 offers a model for every age, lifestyle, and level of experience.

The following list details all changes and colour schemes for each 2010 model. New colours are highlighted in bold.

Maxi Scooters

For 2010, the following Maxi Scooter models will be available:

  • TMAX / ABS (in Gun Smoke, Midnight Black, High Tech Silver)
  • Majesty 400 / ABS (in Competition White, Aluminum Slate, Diamond Black)
  • X-City 250 (in Competition White, Aluminum Slate, Midnight Black,)

125cc Scooters

For 2010, the following 125cc Scooter models will be available:

  • Cygnus X (in Crystal Graphite, Competition White, Midnight Black)
  • Vity (in Laser Blue, Gun Metallic)
  • X-City 125 (in Solid Metal, Midnight Black)

50cc Scooters

For 2010, the following 50cc Scooter models will be available:

  • BW’s (Original) (in Midnight Black, Competition White, Burning Blue)
  • BW’s Naked (in Aluminium Slate, Competition White)
  • BW’s 12inch (in Gun Smoke)
  • BW’s Next Generation (in Steel Silver, Midnight Black)
  • BW’s NBA (in Competition White)
  • Aerox R (in Competition White, Aluminium Slate, Midnight Black)
  • Giggle (in Olive Rain, Waikiki Blue)
  • JogR (in Competition White, Magnetic Blue)
  • JogRR (in Competition White, Midnight Black)
  • JogRR MotoGP (in Midnight Black)
  • Neo’s (in Aluminium Slate, Competition White, Midnight Black)
  • Neo’s 4 (in Nostalgic Sky, Competition White, Midnight Black)
  • Slider Naked (in Competition White, Midnight Black)
  • Why (in Future Silver, Black Aubergine)

For full technical specifications of all models in the range, please go to