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Arlen Ness

2012 Victory Arlen NessArlen Ness is a legend in the world of preparing, transforming and personalizing motorcycles made in the USA. Arlen has always had a passion for motorcycles and unconventional vehicles of all kinds. It all started back at the end of the 1960s when he transformed his old 1947 motorcycle, his most valuable possession at
the time. It was the first chapter of a life-long story in which he became the absolute reference worldwide, at the head of a veritable customization company bearing his name.

The style, the lines, color choice and treatment, technological options, work and materials all combine to create a unique signature. Set up in Dublin, California, Arlen Ness has passed on his passion and his talent to the next two generations, his son Cory and his grandson Zach. In fact, today it is Cory who is in charge of the day-to-day running of this world-renown family business.

Collaboration with Victory Motorcycles began in 2004 with a request to personalize and accessorize a limited series of Vegas model bikes.

Since then, Arlen Ness has opened a Victory Motorcycles store in Las Vegas and equips motorcycles that he makes himself with Victory engines.

The highpoint of the collaboration between Arlen Ness and Victory Motorcycles is the first production of the
Ness Signature range comprising the Vision Tour, Cross Country and Vegas models. Each of them is the respective work of the three Ness generations: Arlen, Cory and Zach.

Victory Motorcycles has signed on to continue the Ness Signature range in the same spirit and with the same
models for the year 2012.