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2012 Gilera Runner Special "Black Soul"

2012 Gilera Runner Special "Black Soul"

Streamline, aggressive and racing look; three displacements and three powerful engines, all water-cooled; a top-notch chassis characterised by its lightweight and superior rigidity; 14” front wheel and top-class braking system. These are the characteristics that make the Gilera Runner "Black Soul" the sporting scooter par excellence, the perfect “link in the chain” between a scooter and a motorbike which summarises the concept of a "scooter with the heart of a motorbike".

"Black Soul" is the utmost aesthetic expression of the Runner's racing soul. This special series uses matt-finish black to enhance the fierce personality of the scooter, while glossy black invades the wheel rims creating an elegant contrast with gold coloured finishes lend the scooter a supersport look: it has golden streamer graphics that decorate the saddle and fairing, the words Gilera and Runner in gold on the side panels, and gold coloured wheel rim borders.

This brand new "fierce" and dark look is matched by its high performance levels: this supersport Gilera is available in three different displacements - 50, 125 and 200 cc - all powerful, top-notch and water cooled engines. All displacements of the Runner engines are top performers in their respective classes, turning this new Gilera model into a "traffic light burner".

The stylish and racing profile of the Gilera Runner hides a chassis which goes beyond the levels currently used on sport scooters.

The double cradle chassis is made from high strength steel with pressed metal reinforcement, following a completely new construction design in the search for maximum torsional rigidity and the highest possible capacity for shock absorption. On the road this translates into rigourous dynamic performance and complete usability of the power generated by the engine.

The Runner chassis design allows the centre of gravity to be lowered – even the fuel tank is located under the central tunnel – and the vehicle weight to be centred in order to obtain maximum agility and, at the same time, riding precision and stability.

The suspension also follows the Runner design philosophy aimed at performing excellence. The 50cc version adopts a 30 mm upside-down fork while the 200 and 125 versions are equipped with 35 mm "conventional forks". At the rear, for the 50cc version, a single hydraulic shock absorber smooths the road, while on the 200 and 125 the group consists of a spring preload adjustable double hydraulic shock.

The “Black Soul” edition of the Gilera Runner also has large wheels. The wheel rims, made of lightweight alloy in a sporting, six spoke design, are 14" at the front and 13" at the rear and mount 120/70 tyres at the front and 140/60 at the back.

These are truly sporting sizes to guarantee absolutely excellent stability and banking angles never before seen in the scooter world. And all of this without ever losing control of the bike.

In the sporting ride of the Runner Black soul, the braking system takes on a crucial role. In the spirit of safety on the road, thrilling braking power and extremely short stopping distances are guaranteed by the dual disc system (front and rear) both on the 50cc version (220 mm at the front and 175 mm at the rear), and on the 200 and 125 versions (240 mm front and 220 mm rear). Also, the front end the entire family of new Runners mounts a dual piston floating calliper.

Runner 200, equipped with the powerful and technological 200 cc, 4 stroke, water cooled, 4 valve engine, is intended primarily for male riders who, even on a scooter, are strongly oriented to the search for a sporty and thrilling ride. With 19 hp at the crankshaft and a torque of 17 Nm, Runner 200 guarantees exciting racing style performance and, thanks to the fact it can access motorways and highways, it is the ideal solution to beat city and urban traffic. And all of the above whilst respecting the environment.

The 125, the "medium sized" version of the Gilera Runner is driven by a highly-responsive and powerful 125cc 4-stroke, 4 valve, water cooled engine from the Leader family, which reaches an outstanding 14.5 HP. Rideable with a regular passenger car license, the Runner 125 provides brilliant performance, especially in terms of acceleration and progression, entirely at ease in the urban and metropolitan environment with its frequent "stop and go" traffic.

The 50cc version of Runner is at the top of its category, guaranteeing performance with maximum mileage and extremely low emissions. Lightning fast acceleration and progressive pickup characterise this ultra-modern unit which guarantees a leading role among carburettor version scooters for Runner Black Soul. The Snakebite exhaust enhances the performance of the brilliant 2 stroke and ensures observance of the Euro2 standards thanks in part to the two stage catalytic converter.

The range of Gilera Runner Black Soul accessories includes:

- Saddle handlebar anti-theft system
- Embossed finish top box
- Windscreen
- Electronic alarm
- Universal leg cover