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2012 Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V

2012 Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V

Norge GT8V has been totally revamped and is now more powerful, safe and comfortable taking Moto Guzzi to the top of the long haul gran turismo sector.

Norge is an untiring traveller, a champion recognised for its reliability and elected the tourer bike of the year (2006 and 2007), faithful companion of the police force in cities such as Milan and Berlin, this totally revamped GT 8V version consolidates its long haul Touring vocation.

A number which declares the presence of the latest evolution of the "four valve" series engine, further to updates to the quality of its equipment and finishings which all combine to allow the Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V to outclass all previous models with its high levels of performance, comfort and driving pleasure.

The heart that beats inside this bike is the renowned V-shaped 90° transverse twin-cylinder "Four valve" engine, the highest performer among all the families of engines manufactured at Mandello del Lario, which has now reached exclusive levels as far as its technical/performance development is concerned.

This latest version can boast the careful attention paid to achieve a more silent and smooth running of the engine, whilst tweaking the electronic control, timing system, cooling and exhaust system. The brand new integrated ignition and injection ECU now exploits the signals sent by the two lambda probes to guarantee adequate feeding throughout the entire combustion cycle, improving response to the throttle control, mid range power delivery further to consumptions and emissions.

The oil radiator is fitted on the lower fairing lug and has a thermostat-controlled electric fan that keeps the temperature of the lubricant within the ideal range, whilst the muffler is now larger, reducing the noise level and increasing midrange torque. The engine now boasts a maximum torque of over 104 Nm delivered at a mere 5,500 rpm and easily reaches a peak in output of over 102 Hp; it practically reaches an automobile-level speed with a 20% higher power curve compared to the two-valve version.

The features of the layout of the new engine include a more compact crankcase and a cylinder unit fitted with fins that are tapered towards the direction of travel; this led to changes to the chassis and totally new designed fairings. The only part of the previous version still present is the headlight; other new features include the electrically-controlled windscreen, the side panels integrating the fuel tank, the satin-finish metal serial plate and the dual layer lug.

A hat-trick target has been achieved with this new setup: efficient dissipation of heat, improved thermal insulation and more effective aerodynamic protection, to ensure both the rider and passenger enjoy their trip in complete comfort whatever the speed. The bike is highly enjoyable to ride, regardless of weather or location, thanks to the ergonomic research applied to each minor detail and appreciated at a daily level: the new position of the highly functional instrument panel makes it easier for the rider to its readings, the saddle is now just 810 mm in height and fitted with a wider and well-padded seat, the new handlebar has been lowered and retracted slightly which gives the rider greater control of the bike at high speed.

There is even a practical 12 Volt external power socket, a spacious compartment below the saddle, heated hand-grips and many other novelties such as the new side stand and central stand, integrated passenger grab handles, a new set of side panniers completely redesigned to guarantee perfect coupling of the two shells.
The increase in road performance has enhanced the overall dynamics on this bike, something that was already a strong point on the previous version. The GT8V has however reached a more neutral and racing behaviour thanks to revamped setting of the suspension, replacing the spring set on the fork and shock absorber, achieving perfect hydraulic response of the two suspension units. The bike identifies the ideal driving line faster when coming into a bend and is faster when changing direction, even when used at full capacity conditions which are frequent in a Gran Turismo model like the Mandello del Lario top of the range bike.

The safety aspects don't finish there: the bike also has a more powerful braking system with a new electronic ABS braking system combined with front brake discs fitted with a new high performance brake band.
Faster engine, extra comfort, enhanced fittings and reinforced chassis: the Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V is champing at the bit and ready to win back its queen of Gran Turismo title.

Such a fine bike would definitely have made even Engineer Giuseppe "Naco" Guzzi extremely proud. He is the one who invented the famous Norge and the destination of North Cape for bike enthusiasts: he was the first to travel to these lands in 1928 and did so riding a GT 500 fitted with an elastic frame he called Norge, in honour of the Italian airship flown by Umberto Nobile, the first to fly over the North Pole.

A rather gruff individual who shied away from compliments, his only complaint would probably have been that it was not Guzzi Red colour; Norge GT8V in fact comes in Metallic Black, Diamond White, stylish colours for a high class bike.



• New one-piece fairing.
• New dual layer lug.
• New electrically controlled windscreen.
• New satin-finish aluminium muffler.
• New Moto Guzzi customised side panniers.
• Brand new shaped saddle.


• 1200 90° V-shaped Twin-cylinder “Four Valve”
• Single overhead camshaft timing system with decreased valve control noise level
• New profile camshafts
• Oil radiator fitted on the lug with thermostat-controlled electric fan.
• Single plate clutch.
• New exhaust system.
• Transmission with compact reactive cardan shaft drive.
• 6-gear gearbox.
• Euro 3.


• High resistance steel double cradle frame.
• Front fork with 45 mm legs, adjustable spring preloading and hydraulics fitted with a new set of progressive action springs.
• Shock absorber with adjustable preloading and rebound fitted with a more preloaded spring
• Rear suspension with progressive articulation single arm.
• 4 horizontally opposed piston front brake system with new 320 mm discs.
• Rear 282-mm disc brake, floating caliper with two parallel pistons.
• Rear tyre ZR 180/55/17.
• Front tyre ZR 120/70/17.


• New cutting-edge ABS Continental.
• Onboard computer.
• Heated hand-grip fixture.
• Satellite navigator fixture.
• Newly shaped side stand and centre stand.
• New electrically controlled windscreen.
• Newly designed side panniers.