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Victory Roads

ICEHOTELDuring summer period summer you can rent your own exclusive Victory, 1700cc, and ride on some of Northern Europe’s most beautiful roads. ICEHOTEL and Victory Motorcycle through a partnership, offer a completely new and unique motorcycle package including accommodation.

These unique routes allow to discover according to your choice between 7 and 13 days, regions exceptional and very put off by the Scandinavian North between mountains, lakes, fjords, waterfalls, Lofoten, Lapland,
midnight sun... and the famous North Cape.

Lapland and Lofoten

Victory Roads - Lapland and Lofoten approx. 1620 kilometers in 7 days. From Jukkasjärvi you go south on
the E45, through Swedish Laplands endless forests and expanses. You cross the polar circle, and continue
on towards Norway and the Atlantic coast.

The Hurtigruten Experience

Victory Roads - Lapland & Hurtigruten, approx. 1800 km in 7 days. The roundtrips first leg takes you
from ICEHOTEL along one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful roads. Along the lake Torne träsk you pass
Lapporten, one of the best known landmarks in Lapland. The goal is Stamsund, where the Hurtigruten
ferry leaves the harbour on day 2.

Lapland the land of the midnight sun

Victory Roads - Lapland the land of the midnight sun approx. 2760 kilometers in 13 days. The first day
of the trip takes you through Europe’s largest municipality, and you get a sense of the endless expanses
of Swedish Lapland, all the way to Finland. The Finnish landscape with its many lakes is exchanged for a
mountainous, elongated Norwegian fjord country.

Via Arctica

Victory Roads - Via Arctica approx. 2200 kilometers in 7 days. Along the Torne Träsk lake you travel past
Lapporten, one of Swedish Lapland’s best known panoramas. At the border you leave Sweden and enter
into Norway. The nature constantly changes between mountains and fjords. Along Norway’s third largest
fjord, the Porsangerfjord, you continue straight to the Nordkap and all the way to Finland.

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