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2001 Yamaha YZF-R1

2001 R1 2001 Yamaha R1 2001 Yamaha R1

This R1 was received in a box andnever even saw a show room. The bike was then registered and ran in. Following a love of drag racing then went on to change the bike into what it is today:


  1. Kent high lift cams
  2. APE adjustable cam sprockets (APE billet tensioner)
  3. Flowed and ported head
  4. Over size Stainless valves and seats
  5. APE rolled head studs
  6. Engine block taken out to 1080cc, not the rubbish failing re coated thing. Water jacket total machined out. Steel liners then sank into head forming new water jacket then taken out to 1080. thus plent of meat in barrels very strong.
  7. J&E forged pistons 13:1 compression
  8. Falicon con rods
  9. Balanced and knifed crank
  10. Baffled sump
  11. MRE undercut gear box
  12. MRE single stage lock up clutch, cast clutch basket / barnett pressure plate
  13. MRE air shifter
  14. Schnitz pro ser 2 ignition controller (though only used on progressive gas side as later and stupidly discovered that ign runs at 55deg so couldnt use dyna ignition
  15. Kein 41mm downdraught carbs
  16. JMC arm + Scnitz lowerind adj arm linkage
  17. Bitubo rear shock (Not shown on pics, later addition as standard too soft)
  18. Bitubo front fork conversion - spacers machined hence lowering bike (can be replaced to std easily )
  19. Progressive NOS system clutch or button actuated