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Art In Motion, LLC Flyin' Trike

Art In Motion TrikeArt In MotionTrikeTrike -  Art In Motion Art In Motion Trike

(This trike's inspiration came from a Radio Flyer Little Red Rider Tricycle)

When you ride this trike, you're riding in your own private parade! Camera phones snapping photos of you everywhere you go! People yelling at you from the side of the road. If you want attention, this is your trike! It has received a couple of trophies already! I just added some pictures of the fenders for you. The left fender says "AIM" for "Art In Motion" and the right fenders says "Flyin'" which is the trikes name (based on the old Radio Flyer trike). The fenders are also a bit of a play on words ("A" I'm Flyin') ... You will be Flyin when you ride this trike! Some watchers have asked us to add speedometer, tachometer, make it street legal, but those things are there already..check out the Badlands mirrors - it's all there including the directionals (on the back side of the mirror as well as the front)

Trophies & Awards

  • "Dressed" version with Fenders
  • Sturgis Rat's Hole 1st Place Three-Wheeler August 2008
  • Motorcycles & Martini's Orlando Best of Show September 2008
  • Republic of Texas Rally Three-Wheel Class 1st Place June 14, 2008
  • Plant City Bike Fest - Best of Show June 2008
  • Rat's Hole Bike Show 1st Place in Three Wheel Class Leesburg Bike Fest April 26th
  • Webster West Side 1st Place Trike May 4th



  • Manufacturer: Art In Motion, LLC
  • Frame Designer: Tom Kapp
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD): Tom Kapp
  • Frame Manufacturer: Rolling Thunder Manufacturing
  • Builder: Tom Kapp
  • Rake: 38
  • Year/Model: 2008/Trike
  • Front Forks: V-Twin Manufacturing
  • Time to build: 6 weeks
  • Front fender: Milwaukee Iron
  • Chrome: Exotic Chrome
  • Front Wheel: American Wire Wheel 100 Spoke Radial
  • Paint: Tom Kapp
  • Front tyre: Avon Venom 120/70-21
  • CNC Work: Starr Machine
  • Rear End: Mystery Designs
  • Engine: S&S
  • Rear fender: Mystery Designs
  • Builder: S&S
  • Rear Wheel: American Wire Wheel 100 Spoke Radial
  • Displacement: 96 CI
  • Rear tyre: Verdestein
  • Horsepower: 95 Hp
  • Rear brake: Wilwood
  • Cases: S&S
  • Flywheels: S&S
  • Heads: S&S
  • Headlight: Wyatt Gatling
  • Cam: S&S
  • Lighting controller: Bulletproof Electronics
  • Carb: S&S
  • Taillight: S&S
  • Exhaust: Vance & Hines
  • Fuel tank: Moon
  • Handlebars: Wild Ones Chubby R.K. II
  • Ignition: S&S
  • Seat: V-Twin Manufacturing
  • Primary: Harley-Davidson
  • Floorboards: V-Twin Manufacturing
  • Transmission: Ultima 5-spped
  • Instrumentation: Badlands
  • Clutch: Harley-Davidson
  • Mirrors: Badlands
  • Final drive: Chain
  • Hand Controls: Arlen Ness