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1965 Triumph Bonneville Show Chopper

Bonneville Custom Show ChopperCustom Bonneville Show ChopperBonneville Show Bike

Lets start off that this bike has been in the following magazines.

  1. Easyriders
  2. The Horse Back Street Choppers
  3. Kopteri (Finland)
  4. Street Chopper
  5. Numerous web zines, Laughlin river run photo book and some more I may have forgot.
  6.  Has won every bike show that has entered including 2 times at the prestigous Laughlin River Run

Bike Details:

   Every single piece is from the late 60's or early 70;s with the exception of the mirror and modern electics. Every piece has been show triple chromed. Original frame and matching clear title. Weld on hard tail. All moulding done myself. Painted by Ten Ten Customs in las Vegas. House of Kolor Orange pearl and Purple pearl.

  Wheels. Front 21" 40 spoke made in England with a very rare barrel spool with laces on the outside to create a starburst lacing. rear. CCI 16" with stock triumph brake drum. All Avon S.M. Tires

  Hand made hexagonal 9" risers with 12" Z bars. Original Durfee Girder front end 8" over. Original Aris triangle headlight. Taillight was new in the box Extremely rare "Warbird" Sissybar hand made over 6' Devils Fork with Iron gate toppings. Pipes are Boneslegacy famous stack attack bird shooters with pipe organ cut. Front seat is a bates replica but rear is Original Bates reupholstered. Fender is original Made in England Bates Ribbed. Gas Tank original NOS Amen Choppers Coffin with flush mount cap. Very rare. Oil Tank original Santee Horse shoe for tri. with battery insert. hand made Electrics box. hand made shifter. shifter handle comes from a grenade launcher. original hand made railroad spike foot pegs. Twisted Kickstand.

  Motor: Completely rebuilt, Bottom end done by Countryside Cycles. Top end done by Bones legacy. 20 over pistons hepolite and everything rebuilt to stock specs. has a 70 bottom end. 71 head. and 75 rocker boxes. oil pressure gauge. original Webco Finned primary cover. New carbs.and of course everything else chromed.