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Cotton GSX600F Trike

Cotton Trike
Exile Style Trike . So massive rear wheels , raked front and keep it simple . It is registered as a COTTON which was the name of the guy who built it first in 1996. It is Q registered .
  • Front wheel is Harley 21"
  • Forks are a mix of Gpz/Z900 lowers (inc caliper) one off disc with KLR600 stactions
  • Frame is one off custom as are the yokes
  • 1" Drag bars with alloy grips and internal throttle
  • Tank is from a Kawasaki VN 1500 modifiad to fit Suzuki tap
  • Engine is a 1994 GSX600f that runs very well and selects all gears as it should using the foot clutch on the left and hand/suicide shift . Down pipes (heat wrapped) off the same bike and rear exhaust box is from a new Z1000
  • Swith gear mounted behind the 4 K+N style air filters and battery and elactrics fitted in an american style lunch box under the seat which also houses the ignition .
  • Chain driven axle with differential to make corners easier
  • Hot Rod style rear 15" wheels which are about 13" wide
  • All fresh new paint
  • Linked brakes , 2 master cylinders on right foot brake

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