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Ducati Custom Motorcycles

Bike Image Description
1980 Ducati Darmah Chopper Ducati Darmah Chopper  
1997 Ducati M600 Monster 1997 Ducati M600 Monster


1995 Ducati Monster Custom Ducati Monster Custom Rear end is 300mm wide tyre with chrome/black split rim wheel.Outrigger bearing to enable wheel fitment with extended front sprocket carrier. Custom tailpiece with hidden rear lights and indicators. Frame completely trimmed of stock metal. Seat covered in leather.Small numberplate with old large one for MOTs. Front end is stock, raked with custom matching split rim wheel. Projector headlights. Warning leds in ignition housing. Fuel warning always on. Could be sender. Brakes are stock brembos which are way powerful enough. Brake lines are black with stainless fittings. Indicators are hidden under master cylinders.
48-cylinder Ducati 48-cylinder Ducati Image provided by Red Dog Ducati, Potters Bar, Herts.
1989 Ducati 900SS 1989 Ducati 900SS Featured in 2008 Streetfighters magazine.

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