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Nortorious Custom Bike


Here’s the basic 411:

Overall styling, obviously influenced by the early cafe racers

  • As usual - very unique engine configuration
  • 965cc Rotrex supercharged , electronically fuel injected single cylinder Harley based unit, rotated back 15* and moved back towards transmission
  • Use of modern fuel injection / technology.
  • Featherbed" style frame tying into the mix of early styling and modern design / improvements throughout.
  • Chromolly tubular chassis with 57.5”wheel base and 29* steering neck.
  • WP inverted forks, B&T air assisted shocks.
  • Complete hand fabricated aluminum bodywork.
  • Front and rear wheels are 18” diameter, featuring 12” drum hubs incorporating internal disc brakes.


  • classic lines of the very significant Norton Manx Café Racer
  • Engine is a 2006 H-D hybrid single cylinder Roger built from the ground up.
  • 965CC engine features a lower end consisting of Merch cases rotated back 15degrees and balanced internals. The heads are custom from Engenuity and the pistons from Ross and Jims lifters were utilized.
  • Roger made the cam -- custom designed ( he can explain if interested)
  • The rear head is used on the front cylinder, allowing the induction system to be positioned above the head and cylinder with the angle cut back 15-degrees.
  • The pushrod tubes are also angled to accommodate this change. In place of the rear cylinder, a Rotrex Supercharger that spins at 120,000 RPM was installed.
  • The half a v twin produces 83 rear wheel horse power at 6400 rpm.
  • Fuel injection uses a 54mm Zippers utilized throttle body and a special Thunder Heart ECM in a closed loop configuration.
  • Roger developed a fuel pump mapping program to provide correct air / fuel ratios, while running up to 20-pounds of boost to compensate for the superchargers flow.
  • The oil system features a modified S&S oil pump and two distinct oil tanks, both hidden from view, one for engine and the other for supercharger oil.
  • transmission started off as a 2006 Baker six- speed unit
  • modified by shortening main shaft as well as the Prime/Rivera clutch pack and belt drive, all narrowed from 3 inches down to 2.
  • Made Chromolly "Featherbed” frame raked 29.5 degrees and de-stretched 3 inches
  • Front end is a WP type cut back 1 1/2-inches to improve handling.
  • Wheels and brake set up are deceiving. At first glance, they appear to be stock Norton drum set ups, only larger, while in fact the drum hubs and custom milled covers hide a 4-piston disc set up both front and rear. Hand milled the rear rim is put together for the 18-inch x 6-inch tire by fabricating the rim from two different Kosman rims.
  • Body and fenders hand hammered, aluminum skins with show absolutely no sign of weld work, pretty amazing considering that the only paintwork on the bike is the lettering and a clear coat over the raw material.
  • Fuel tank that includes the Buell internal fuel pump and regulator.
  • The bars are clip-on style sitting atop Goldammer Cycle Works triple trees
  • Speedometer and gauges are VDO's set like those on a vintage jet fighter.
  • Headlight lens and bezel from a vintage Volkswagen Beetle.
  • The design of the headlight also acts as a wind deflector.
  • Taillights incorporated in the rear of the bikes frame and utilize LED lights.
  • The brake light is also an LED set up hidden in the rear of the seat rail.
  • No visible wire or line on the bike.
  • All the hydraulic lines and wires hidden inside the frame tubes – got to keep it clean bike.

Tech Sheet“Nortorious”

Owner: Roger Goldammer
Builder: same


Make: Goldammer Cycle Works “Featherbed “style
Rake: 29.5
Stretch: -3”
Material: 4130 Chromolly


Make and type: HD –sort of- Twin Cam/Evo/ Shovel hybrid single cylinder
Displacement: 965cc
Bore and stroke: 4.125x4.4”
Cylinders: Engenuity
Heads: Engenuity
Cam: Goldammer
Carb: Fuel injection -Closed loop-Thunder Heart ECU
Air cleaner: - Part of the time…
Pistons: Ross Racing
Compression: 8.9 :1
Exhaust Goldammer
Cases : Merch , rotated back 15 *
Flywheels : Merch
Ignition: Thunder Heart
Other special stuff: Missing rear cyl. –Rotrex supercharger makes 20psi boost.
83 hp @6600 rpm –rear head on front cylinder.


Primary drive: Rivera /Leo`s custom cycle
Clutch: Rivera - narrowed
Gearbox Baker 6spd
Shifting: Foot
FORKS inverted

Make WP
Extension: Shortened 1.5”

Front Wheel

Goldammer drum hub –Buchannans rim

Dimension: 19” x 3.25”
Hub: Goldammer
Rim: Kosman Racing
Brakes: Goldammer /Leo`s custom cycle
Tire: Metzeler

Rear Wheel

Dimension: 18” x 6”
Hub: Goldammer
Rim: Kosman Racing
Brakes: Goldammer / Leo`s Custom Cycle
Tire: Metzeler


Gas tank: Goldammer
Oil tank: “
Handlebars: “
Seat: “
Foot controls: “
Headlight: Goldammer/ VW beetle
Taillight: Led`s in frame
Rear fender:


Chrome: Kelowna Electroplating
Paint: JA Design - Clear over bare Aluminum
Painter: Jerry Ashley