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Custom built V12 Fuel Injected Jaguar based Trike

V12 Jaguar Trike Jaguar Trike
V12 Trike Custom built V12 Fuel Injected Jaguar based Trike



This Trike has a 5.3 litre V12 Jaguar fuel injected engine 

It has just had both heads skimmed and new headgaskets

Reshimmed to correct tolerances

Engine purrs with a 90psi oil pressure

When hot sitting in traffic temperature, guage never moves

New oil and filter fitted


Standard 3 speed Jaguar automatic gearbox

Fresh oil

Smooth change up and down

Back Axle

Jaguar rear axle and independent rear suspension set up


Jaguar Brakes with 6 pot caliper on front brake for fantastic braking


Made by Well known Essex  Trike builder with no expense spared from cold drawn steel tube welded and engineered to high standard

Sections can be unbolted to provide access to engine  

Trike dimensions : 4.4metres (14 foot 5inches) Long

1.78metres (5foot 10inches) Wide

This is a unique piece of engineering which has to be seen to be appreciated

Tow hitch fitted

Seat belts front and rear

Panel Body parts

All body parts made of Stainless including fuel tank

Wheels and Tyres

Colour coded XK8 Jaguar Wheels with new Michelin Pilot Tyres

Slight damage to off side rear wheel due to potental buyer's lack of driving skills - clipped curb damaging wheel rim which is colour coded meaning one new wheel will have to be sprayed to match which will reflect on the price

Electrical System and Alarm

Extensive electrical system and Thatcham Datatool System 3 self setting immobiliser Alarm System (required by Insurers - Certificates of Installation available)

Subtle Underbody Neon lighting

Extremely bright Indicator and Rear diode lighting 

Speedo, Fuel guage, Oil pressure guage, Temperature guage and Voltage guage all work perfectly 

Full stereo system