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1983 Yamaha XJ 900 Seca-SST Prototype

XJ 900XJ900Yamaha XJ 900Yamaha XJ900


What happens when you take two great bikes built by Yamaha and combine the best of both? Jon Fife of
Seattle, Washington, USA asked the same question and then built it. After years of research on the 1982,
and 1983 650 Turbo Seca, and the 1 year only import of the 1983 XJ 900 Seca into the USA, Mr. Fife discovered some very clever engineering by Yamaha.

Seems that Yamaha had plans for more turbo charged bikes, had the 1982 650 Turbo Seca sold well. It
didn't and Yamaha dropped the planned expansion of psi boosted motorcycles. Buried deep in little known
achieves, Jon poured over news articles, artist renderings, and talked with industry insiders, to then engineer the modifications you see pictured.

Seems like the bike Yamaha was going to produce, is now new again....25 years later. Check it out at