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Norwegian Road Trip - 2004

Beginning of the trip - 30.06.04

Skoll: It was a dark and stormy night. Four days before the trip was supposed to start I found out that I could not do it with my trusty Ural. Luckily Paavo - a friend of mine had - promised to lend his bike - a Suzuki 750 GSXF - for me for the trip. The problem was, that it wasn't insured and he hadn't been driving it for some time.

On the day the trip was supposed to start i still didn't know if if I'll be participating it. 10:30 I finally got the isurance for the bike. An hour later i got the new registration certificate. The sun was shining and for the first time I felt confident about the trip. Still there was trouble waiting. As the battery of the bike was complitey dead it took me two and a half ahours to start the bike for the first time. According to Paavo, after one day of driving the battery should last for a week.

Janne: Every one of the V-max's ignition wire's were oxygenized. Engine sounded like it was running only with two cylinders when driving on a wet weather. I needed to change all the wires, but due to tight schedule I only had time to change the wires for two cylinders.

Anyway, after changing the wires the motor's idle running sound was quite solid, so I decided the bike was in good enough shape to head it towards the dark mountains of Norway....

Skoll: 20 minutes before the ship departed we finally got to the harbor. And the journey could finally start. The tripmeter showed 27250 km.

The next morning we arrived in Stockholm. 30 minutes after leaving the ship we had to stop for the first time. The chain of the Suzuki kept making a hell of a noise so we had to stop to tighten it.

At 12:30 we finally left Stockholm for Oslo. The weather was fine and after about 200 km. the Suzuki finally started feeling good to drive. The trip bought two new biking experiences for me; when you release your grip from the handlebar, the bike goes straight forward and when you are already driving 100 km/h and you open the throttle, the bike actually accelerates.

Janne: This was the first long trip driving experience with the new vmax, and it turned out to be quite easy to drive even with the non standard 180/55 rear tire :). We encoutered a nice thunderstorm just 50km from Oslo, but the bikes worked fine and it was only matter of the drivers determination... In Oslo we found a nice Hostel, which we booked for a two nights.

2906 Stockholm-Oslo. 50km from from Oslo we were struck by a helluva rainstorm. beer tasted good in Oslo after Hostel booking. (2004-06-30 23:53 - Janne)

3006 we've spent most of the day looking for a mirror to Skoll's Gsxf. Also saw some Viking ships at Drammen museum near Oslo. (2004-07-01 00:01 - Janne)

After driving for 12 hours to Oslo, the battery had made no signs on life. And as Janne had grown tired for pushstarting my bike, I decided to buy a new battery. Another thing I was missing on my bike was the left mirror. So the most of the Wednesday morning we spent looking for spare parts for the Suzuki. Finally we got a new battery and a promise of the mirror for the afternoon, so we left to check out the local museums.

Heading to south - 01.07.04

Oslo. We are packing our bikes and it's starting to rain. Today we'll be heading for Kristiansand. (2004-07-01 10:59 - Skoll)

Kongsberg, about 80 km from Oslo. TM (Tripmeter reading): 27948. The weather has been cloudy and we have been hit by a few showers. (2004-07-01 13:21 - Skoll)

So far we had been drivin bigger roads. From Koningberg we continued E134 and the road started to be more twisty. (2004-07-01 14:41 - Skoll)

Now we are turning from E134 for Rjukan. The road should take us to 1883 meters. After 750 km the Suzuki feels pretty good. (2004-07-01 14:45 - Skoll)

18 km to Åmot on road 37. Hot chocolade rarely tastes this good. Rjukan was nothing to be seen but we did almost touch the clouds... (2004-07-01 17:05 - Skoll)

We also passed about 6 needle-eyes. It has been raining on and off for the whole day. I'm glad I bought these new waterproof gloves. (2004-07-01 17:07 - Skoll)

Valle. Never heard of it before? Neither have I. TM: 28200 km. On our way we passed another 6 needle-eyes. (2004-07-01 21:59 - Skoll)

If you thought finnish alkohol policy was strikt, try Norway. At least in Valle you can't buy beer after 6pm. And the only bar closes at 8pm. (2004-07-01 22:05 - Skoll)

0107 In Valle. I'm eating grillpØlse and potetsalat. Today's keywords: curves, rain, views, alcohol policy. (2004-07-01 22:13 - Janne)

A breakfast of sausage, potatosalad and eggs and the road is calling. We decided to skip Kristiansand and drive to Haugesund. The sky is gray. (2004-07-02 10:45 - Skoll)

0207 having a coffee break near Svartevatn. (2004-07-02 13:13 - Janne)

0207 weather is cloudy, bit cold and you can see snow here and there. We're about 1300m above sealevel (2004-07-02 13:15 - Janne)

The first part of our journey today was a joy to ride. We turned fron Nomeland (between Valle and Helle) to an unnumbered road. (2004-07-02 13:23 - Skoll)

The suzuki is at home on the curves and the plain and rough tundralike scenery with mountain lakes here and there is beautyful. (2004-07-02 13:29 - Skoll)

15 km to Sanden (or something). Unbelieveble, the sun is shining and there are blue patches in the sky. (2004-07-02 15:07 - Skoll)

two medium pizzas and half liter cokes 259nok. (2004-07-02 15:31 - Janne)

On ferry between Stavanger and Haugesund. The sun is shining with almost no clouds to be seen. (2004-07-02 17:13 - Skoll)

Riding the twisty mountainroads with the Suzuki almost made me be grateful for not being able to do this trip with my own bike. (2004-07-02 17:15 - Skoll)

Still, the acheing in my lower back and the stiffness in my neck helps me keep my mind clear and these heretic thoughts away. (2004-07-02 17:19 - Skoll)

Haugesund. TM: 28460. I had to make a emergency brake and the Suzuki fell with my left ankle under it. The bike is ok, but my ankle is swollen. (2004-07-02 19:11 - Skoll)

Preparing for pub round in Haugesund, harbour town in west Norway. (2004-07-02 20:09 - Janne)

Haugesund is the Porvoo of Norway. When asked from the hotel reception if there's anything to be seen here, the answer was silence and a "what?" (2004-07-02 20:27 - Skoll)

Today we have been about 2000 m above the sea level and 233 m below it. The tunnel after Stavanger was 6 km long and went down 8 degrees. (2004-07-02 20:51 - Skoll)

In Norway you have bars where you need to be member in and where you can smoke. Apparently you can't smoke in regular bars in here. (2004-07-02 23:45 - Skoll)

we didn't find any real drinker in Haugesund. the only rock bar was empty at 22:30! hopefully bergen has better night life. (2004-07-02 23:53 - Janne)

Some 100 km from Haugesund on E134. Norway is bikers dreamcountry. Even E roads don't have two lanes and and they sure aren't straight. (2004-07-03 12:45 - Skoll)

we just drove throgh 7.4km long tunnel. quite a boring experience... (2004-07-03 12:45 - Janne)

Kinsarvik, waiting for ferry. At Jøsendal we turned from E134 to 13. The road twiched along sørfjord providing amazing views & an enjoyable ride (2004-07-03 14:41 - Skoll)

Bergen. Turska haisee ja Black Metal soi. TM: 28760 km. Out of the 30 km we rode today, about 35 km was in tunnels. (2004-07-03 17:51 - Skoll)

In Bergen. We've booked a room for two nights from a nice guesthouse in old Bergen. (2004-07-03 18:53 - Janne)

In Dr. Livingstone you have happy hour until 22.00 - beer is 29 kr (about 3,5¬e?) And upstairs they have good food - or at least expencive. (2004-07-03 20:31 - Skoll)

Bergen is apparently the capital city of True Norwegian black metal.Still,there's no metal bar to be found. Luckily we have some spanish guides. (2004-07-04 01:05 - Skoll)

"I'm looking at the grave..." I don't remember how it ends but fish and chips is ok. (2004-07-04 01:53 - Skoll)

Bergen - the hometown of Immortal, Enslaved and Old Man's Child. After a hard night out a breakfast of 300g steak and beer is all one needs. (2004-07-04 14:29 - Skoll)

back at the guesthouse waiting for football match to begin. Only beer is missing, because you can't buy any... (2004-07-04 18:47 - Janne)

Ride to Trondheim - 05.07.04

Vaksdal, some 50 km from Bergen along E16. So far we have rode through some 15 km of tunnels. Soon we'll be turning to road 13. (2004-07-05 12:37 - Skoll)

Vangsnes. Waiting for ferry to Hella. The weather is gray, but it hasn't rained yet today. We are trying to be in Trondheim tomorrow. (2004-07-05 16:21 - Skoll)

Some 50 km to Skei on road 5. Just passed a 7 km tunnel - roadtoll per bike 65 kr. Now tightening the chain of the Suzuki again. (2004-07-05 18:15 - Skoll)

Byrkjelo. Buying some some food for the evening. At Skej we took a wrong turn which cost us 30 km roundtrip. Next we'll turn to road 60. (2004-07-05 20:07 - Skoll)

Stryn. TM: 29160 km. We took a Cabin at a camping area. This place even has a pub so we don't need to drink the light beer we bought. (2004-07-05 21:41 - Skoll)

we took a few pints at local pub. they even sold us a couple of carlsbergs to drink at the cabin. about to burn a few pØlser (2004-07-05 23:29 - Janne)

Eidsdal, waiting for ferry for Valldal. Whe have driven 100 km today which is probably some 40 km as the bird flies. (2004-07-06 13:49 - Skoll)

What I previosly referred to as needle-eyes are obviously called hairpins actually. Today we have passed some 15 hairpins and more are coming. (2004-07-06 14:07 - Skoll)

Trollstigen. Damn it's cold. There's snow everywhere. When coming here take long underwear with you. Apparently there are 18 hairpins waiting... (2004-07-06 14:59 - Skoll)

Åfarneset. Waiting for ferry in the Sølsnes. Thd parkinglot here was downhill and thd Suzuki fell again breaking the left mirror. (2004-07-06 16:29 - Skoll)

Feelings today otherwise: cold, snow, wet, thik fog, curvy mountainroad with visibility 20 m. Elsewhere rain whipping your face in 100km/h speed (2004-07-06 16:31 - Skoll)

That again, think about a twisty road with a cliff on one side and a wild stream rushing on the other, a valley opening below you in a distance. (2004-07-06 16:35 - Skoll)

trollstigen was quite a exiting experience to drive through: lots of curves and steep cliffs you don't want to fall to... (2004-07-06 16:39 - Janne)

About 160 km to Trondheim. A littlebit of food and then the final sprint... (2004-07-06 18:21 - Skoll)

møtørbæker är frysen og äter hvalbiff (2004-07-06 18:23 - Janne)

Trondheim. TM: 29590 km. 10 hours of driving, but here we are. Riding today was hard but provided also some spectacular scenery. (2004-07-06 22:23 - Skoll)

Trondheim. Warm hotel shower felt good, better than cold all-day-long shower from the sky. Now we are staying here for two days. (2004-07-06 22:53 - Janne)

Damn they have good beer in Norway! (2004-07-06 23:15 - Skoll)

In 3B, the local "Heavy" place they finally play some metal... lica. Apparently there's another, heavier metal place somewhere here. (2004-07-07 01:45 - Skoll)

Finally found the real heavy place... Well, they don't play metal, but they sell beer. Ja se on halpaa kuin makkara! (2004-07-07 03:37 - Skoll)

Just for the record, the place is called Jesper. (2004-07-07 03:41 - Skoll)

Just for the record, they didn't play any metal in Jesper, but all the metalheadz were there! (2004-07-07 04:19 - Skoll)

A breakfast of Odin's omelet and Odin's pasta. And of course in Odin's hotel. (2004-07-07 14:25 - Skoll)

We spent three hours looking for a new felt mirror for the Suzuki. Three shops but none could help us. (2004-07-07 18:05 - Skoll)

The method of our return to home is still unsure as all the ferries are fully booked. It could be that we'll have to drive via Tornio. (2004-07-07 18:29 - Skoll)

planning the trip back home at Jesper nattklubb. It looks like we need to drive back home via north, because all the ferries are booked up! (2004-07-08 19:56 - Janne)

Sons of Northern Darkness - 08.07.04

North it is. We were too late with the ferry reservation, so there's no option but to drive home. We are planning to stay one Night in Oulu. (2004-07-08 10:36 - Skoll)

Steinkjer. Some 120 km north from Trondheim on E6. We have been driving for two hours and it's been raining slightly all the time. (2004-07-08 12:44 - Skoll)

we progress slowly from Trondheim towards north. Constant rain makes you to appreciate little things like hot chocolate and long underwear. (2004-07-08 12:52 - Janne)

eating biffsnadder at Hotel vertshuset in Grong. Shoes are still soaking wet. (2004-07-08 18:56 - Janne)

It's still raining. Luckily now we are looking for the rain indoors. After being hit by heavy rain we decided to stop only 200 km from Trondheim (2004-07-08 20:45 - Skoll)

Watcing TV, drinking beer and eating potato chips. Unfortunately the only program in english is a reality TV about cleaning. (2004-07-08 21:13 - Skoll)

There is still an alternative to driving all the way - there's a ferry connection Umeå and Vaasa. (2004-07-09 10:45 - Skoll)

Trofors. We have put already 150 km behind us today. With some luck in 9 hours we'll be in the ferry and home this night. (2004-07-09 13:39 - Skoll)

Sweden, Tärnaby. 355 km to Umoå. There are dark clouds around us but here the sun is shining. (2004-07-09 15:21 - Skoll)

eating at Hotell Lappland at Lyksele, abt 125km from Umeå. Guess we make it home today. (2004-07-09 18:25 - Janne)

Umeå. Do you know what it feels like when raindrops as big as fist hammer your face when you are driving 120 km/h? (2004-07-09 21:21 - Skoll)

onboard the ferry to Vaasa, taking some beer. We saw one "tuulipuku" already, it means we're approaching Finland for sure... (2004-07-09 23:19 - Janne)

Vaasa. 416 km to home. We decided to dare the night evethough there's no hope in getting there in time to get one beer in Corner. (2004-07-10 01:57 - Skoll)

Parkano, 86km from Tampere, quite freezing, but still going strong... (2004-07-10 03:53 - Janne)

Hämeenlinna, 100km to Helsinki, sun is shining. At home soon. (2004-07-10 05:49 - Janne)

Nice warm and dry Helsinki. Todays nice trip was 1070km long. feeling exhausted but happy. (2004-07-10 06:52 - Janne)

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