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Motorcycle Touring - America

If you are only going for two weeks it is better to hire a bike over
there rather than take your own. Customs clearance for your own bike is not
straightforward and bikes have been known to be refused entry on the basis
that they are contaminated. Some american hire companies are very good at
adding extras to your bill!

There are some fantastic roads in the States - ride Pacific Coast
Highway from LA to San Fransisco or take the whole of Route
66 from Chicago to LA (about 2500 miles done comfortably
in two weeks). If you are worried about doing it on your own,
come ride with us this September on the holiday of a lifetime!

Check website: for entry requirements. UK citizens will enter the States on the waiver programme by signing a declaration (no visa necessary).

Do not mess with the immigration guys they have the power to send you
straight back home. Note that any criminal record may result in refused entry. There is zero tolerance on any convictions for drugs. You will see spaniels sniffing the queue for fresh food (not allowed) or drugs. All foreigners are routinely finger
printed and photographed by immigration officers.

Medical Insurance
Check that it includes riding a motorcycle above 125cc and any adventure type activity in which you plan to participate. Do this in the UK so you will not
need the personal accident cover offered by the bike hire company.

Credit cards
If you hire you must have an upper limit of at least $3000 to cover the crash
damage waiver (CDW) and the security deposit for your hire bike. Tell your credit
card company of your plans! Tip: Use a Nationwide credit card they give the best rate with no foreign transaction costs.

Cash cards
Bank ATMs (hole in the wall) machines are everywhere. No need to take travellers cheques or big wodges of cash!

Many gas stations require you to prepay for fuel - card or cash.


Highway Patrol appear from nowhere. Use a posh English accent and do EXACTLY what they say. Patrolmen are no-nonsense guys who expect you to obey
instructions. Drink driving (DUI) and excessive speed are not a good idea.

You are allowed to turn right at intersections on a red light but you must give way (Yield) to traffic from your left.

Unmarked four way intersections operate on a first come first served
basis. It's all very polite.

Buy a Garmin GPS and install City Navigator for the USA before you go. It's awesome and will save you a lot of time and trouble getting lost in busy cities. It also helps you to stay in the correct lane on the interstate highways.

Pass either side on the freeway but be careful of getting sideswiped.
Lane splitting (filtering) is illegal in most states.

Take a drinking water container