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Motorcycle Touring - Assen, Holland

Why...... because the Dutch are cool, know how to party and have very liberal
attitudes towards drugs and sex. Just like most bikers that I know… Assen
for the MotoGP in June should be high up on your list of things that must be
done. Known locally as the Dutch TT, this major MotoGP event enjoys massive Brit support. As well as the obvious attractions of the Race circuit, Groningen and Assen town centres become one huge party for the weekend.

Well, as much or as little as you like really! I've done a long weekend to
Assen for the MotoGP on a GSXR with just a tank bag and waterproofs. Most time is spent in leathers at the race circuit so just take a pair of jeans, trainers, three pairs of socks/grundies, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a razor all stuffed in the tank bag. Throw your old T-Shirt away and buy new ones up at the circuit.

VERY IMPORTANT if things go wrong.
Apply on the internet for an EHIC card. This guarantees you equivalent NHS treatment in Europe.

You MUST carry your insurance certificate Drivers Licence and V5 registration
document when riding your bike abroad.

Take out breakdown recovery insurance to get you and your bike home
if you break down or fall off. Not funny when it happens, I can tell you…

Mobile Phone - take the charger and a travel plug (obvious isn't it…) less obvious
is to put your riding friends numbers on speed dial so you can ring them easily if
you fall off or get lost. Yes really. Put the lost card phone number from the back of
your credit card into your contact list.

Remember 112. Ring that number ANYWHERE in Europe to be connected
to English speaking emergency services. Check with your mobile service provider that you have enough credit and that it will work outside the UK. All of this is
why your phone is sooo important.

A few other useful tips:
Beechams Resolve taken after a session and before you go to bed will
make that ride the following morning much easier.

ProPlus caffeine tablets help you stay awake if you insist on riding a thousand
miles to get home

As it's flat everywhere, Dutch people ride around a lot on push bikes -
beware - accidents with push bikes are automatically your fault.

Take your spare bike keys- what do you do when the ignition key snaps as
you open the fuel locking cap?

Last but not least ALWAYS take a substantial chain and lock with you and
USE IT! Remember - your bike is your transport home.

Article kindly provided by MCi Tours