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Motorcycle Touring - Belgium

A weird concoction - just like the Flemish themselves. They have their own language don't speak much English and in certain places object violently to French. Maybe that's how they managed to retain their cultural identity...

So why Belgium on a bike?
The Spa racing circuit is legendary and the Ardennes is a veritable motorcycling playground. Unspoilt and not exactly heavily policed, the Champagne- Ardennes are a welcome respite from the radar-addicted French Gendarmerie. The WW1 Salient battlefields (Passchendale) are worth a visit, then there's Ypres and the
Menin Gate - the bugle call at 8pm is a truly moving experience.

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Turn left at Calais and Belgium is just 40 miles up the road!

Euros all the way - it's the EU remember? £1 = 1.25 Euros (May 08)
Same Euros you use in France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy so keep
any change for your next foreign trip. Why no euros here in GB?

Just don't go mental on the E40. Out in the countryside it's a lot quieter and a lot more fun.

Countryside can be awesome. Brussels is full of tramtracks, potholes and politicians and therefore best avoided. Road signs are green on the motorway
and blue on major roads. So much for EU conformity...

It’s too expensive so Belgians buy cheap fags and fill up in Luxembourg!

Carry your documents with you. Talk nicely and they can be amazingly tolerant. Bike cops ride FJRs and have bright orange helmets. Police cars are creamy coloured with orange flashes (and blue flashing lights...)

They really DO like to reverse out of driveways into the main road. And it can be life threatening. Give Way signs are crocodile teeth painted across the junction that you don't usually see until too late... Trams have right of way and tramtracks are
very slippery when wet. Hmmm how do I know that?

Take your EHIC card with you and take out separate medical/travel insurance cover. For the tramtracks yes? Hospital food and treatment are excellent.