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Kawasaki AR125 Gallery

The Kawasaki AR125 range was produced between 1982-1989 and were considered to be a very sporty and trendy bike for there time. They incorporated an number of new trendsetting features, including;

  • This bike was liquid-cooled and sported a radiator. (Quite revolutionary at the time compared to many air-cooled bikes!)
  • In those days, sporting a square headlamp was also quite revolutionary.
  • The "UniTrak" single spring rear suspension was also a trendsetter at a time when twin rear springs was much the norm.
  • "Star" spoked alloy wheel rims.
Bike Image Description
1982 Kawasaki AR125 1982 Kawasaki AR125  
1984 Kawasaki AR125 1984 AR125  
1984 Kawasaki AR125-B1 1984 Kawasaki AR125  
1986 Kawasaki AR125-B3 AR125  
1987 Kawasaki AR125 Kawasaki AR125  
1987 Kawasaki AR125 1987 Kawasaki AR125
  • Engine Type - 2-stroke single cylinder
  • Engine Capacity - 123 cubic centimeters
  • Power output - 12 bhp
  • Maximum speed - 80 mph or 129 km/h
  • Weight - 228 lbs or 103 kg
  • Fuel consumption - 60 mpg

Photo taken by Dave Jones.

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