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Kawasaki Avenger A7 Gallery

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1968 Kawasaki Avenger A7 1968 Kawasaki Avenger A7

350cc rotary disc valve twin, 40.5 BHP at the time of production most powerful engine per cc. The rotary disc valves were exotic at the time, the preserve of the race track, they make the engine very tractable with a lot of low down torque. Race developed injectolube oil injection to main bearings as well as cylinders. Dry weight 329lb, Standing quarter claimed 13.8 sec Top Speed 105 -115mph. Back in 68 there was nothing in its class that could touch it. It was a match for the Brit 500s and most 650's and a few 750's. Kawasaki A7 Avenger 1968 review.

Limited sales in the UK as they were relatively expensive and not supported by a dealer network. As a result they are not well known and few people have ever seen one of the early models. Kawasaki Avenger 1969 review.

1970 Kawasaki Avenger A7 Kawasaki A7 Avenger
1971 Kawasaki A7a 350 Kawasaki A7a 350

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