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Suzuki GS250 Gallery

Bike Image Description
1980 Suzuki GS250 T Suzuki GS250 T Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.
1983 Suzuki GS250 FW Suzuki GS250 FW Every once in a while, some motorcycle company decides to find the smallest engine displacement that can be divided into four cylinders. Honda did it in 1973 with the CB350F, Benelli responded a few years later with its 250 Quattro, and now there is the Suzuki GSX250FW.

Suzuki's little Four is a technical marvel of sorts. The four-stroke, double-cam, liquid-cooled, 249cc mini-motor has 44mm pistons traveling through a 41mm stroke. Just how big is a 44mm piston? Three of them could fit into a Honda XL600 cylinder without touching each other or the cylinder wall. But even engineers hell-bent for miniaturization couldn't bring themselves to put four itsy-bitsy valves in a space well under two inches in diameter, so the GSX makes do with two valves per cylinder.

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