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Suzuki RL250 Beamish Gallery

The early seventies were marked by increased interest from the Japanese manufacturers in all branches of off road motorcycle sport. The introduction of the RL250 Exacta trials bike for 1974 marked Suzuki's first attempt at producing a machine of this type. The single cylinder two stroke engine proved to be well suited to the task delivering 18bhp @ 6000rpm and 16.6 ft.lbs of torque at 6500 rpm, unfortunately the frame left a little to be desired, with slow steering and a comparatively long wheelbase resulting in slow sales. Interestingly the machines performance seems to have been reconsidered in recent years with suggestions that it is more forgiving for average riders than the subsequent Beamish framed examples.

Suzuki's first dedicated trials bike, the RL250, had appeared in1973, but failed to make a significant impression. Fortunately for Suzuki Graham Beamish, Suzuki's UK motocross importer recognised the potential of the engine and commissioned Mick Whitlock to develop a Reynolds 531 frame to house the engine. The result announced during 1975, proved to be an instant success with 1200 examples finding buyers. Development over the next four years saw a greater percentage of British built components being used and detail revisions to the frame. For 1978 a 325cc version was made available to the public having previously been the preserve of the works riders.

Bike Image Description
1974 Suzuki RL250 Exacta Suzuki RL250 Exacta  
1974 Suzuki Beamish RL250 & Sidecar Suzuki Beamish RL250 Trials sidecar. The chair is french made by "the Pernoud brothers" great sidecar competitors. It's fitted with a Suzuki 17" Alu wheel
1974 Suzuki RL250 Trials
Suzuki RL250

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1975 Suzuki Beamish Suzuki Beamish 325cc.
1975 Suzuki Beamish Mk1 1976 Suzuki Beamish  
1976 Suzuki Beamish Classic Twin Shock Trials Bike 1976 Suzuki Beamish Classic Twin Shock Trials Bike  
1979 Suzuki Beamish
1979 Suzuki Beamish

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1977 Suzuki Beamish Suzuki Beamish Last of the silver engine type.
1980 Suzuki RL250T 1980 Suzuki RL250T  

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