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Suzuki T200 Gallery

The T200 shared many of the features that had contributed to the larger T20 Super Six models success. The models 23bhp output, light weight (122 kilos) and five speed gearbox resulted in a claimed top speed of 88 mph whilst a twin leading shoe front brake and twin down tube cradle frame endowed the motorcycle with good handling. Equipment levels were typically high with an attractive combined speedometer and tachometer housed in the headlamp shell, "posi lube" lubrication and twin carburettors being standard features.

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1968 Suzuki T200 Invader
Suzuki T200 Invader

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1968 Suzuki T200
1968 Suzuki T200  
1968 Suzuki T200
Suzuki T200 The Suzuki T200 emulated its larger brother, the T20, in styling and specification whilst offering riders a machine that benefited from a reduced Tax rate with very little difference in performance. This Suzuki T200 is finished in red with chrome plated tank panels, silver mudguards and retains its horseshoe headlamp with integral speedometer and tachometer.

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