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Triumph Tina Gallery

The Triumph Tina was a small and low performance 2 stroke scooter of around 100 cc with automatic clutch, and a handlebar carry basket for bringing the groceries back from a shopping trip.

In the 1960's, despite internal opposition from those who felt it would dilute the macho image of the brand, Triumph produced two machines to tap into a strong demand that had been identified by Market Research for a simple and easy to ride shopping basket vehicle. An extensive marketing campaign was carried out, fronted by a pop star of the era, Cliff Richard, but despite this the 'Triumph Tina' sold in small numbers, and the similar Tricycle (for those unsure of their ability to balance) was even worse with only 10 to 15 sales. These machines had absorbed a large amount of development and marketing capital and when the expected demand failed to materialise both were quickly discontinued.

Bike Image Description
1964 Triumph Tina 1964 Triumph Tina


1964 Triumph Tina 1964 Triumph T10 Tina
1965 Triumph T10 1965 Triumph T10 Tina
1966 Triumph T10 Triumph T10 Tina
1966 Triumph T10 Tina 1966 Triumph T10 Tina
1966 Triumph T1 Scooter 1966 Triumph T1 Scooter 100cc automatic.
1967 Triumph T10 Scooter Triumph T10 Scooter

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