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Triumph TRX 75 Hurricane Gallery

The three-cylinder Triumph launched in 1968, the well-known American designer Craig Vetter proved remarkably successful in combining contemporary American styling with muscular British machinery.

The naked engine kept no secrets, with three separate exhaust systems on the right the machine giving the Hurricane a fabulous sporting appearance. It's said that its makers banned photos of the left side of the Hurricane, devoid of exhaust pipes, from being published. The tiny (2.4gallons) teardrop-shaped tank and the lengthened front forks placed the Hurricane firmly among the ranks of the then-fashionable choppers. Produced in limited numbers, the Triumph Hurricane is today highly collectible.

Bike Image Description
Triumph X75 Hurricane Triumph X75 Hurricane
  • Engine - 740cc air-cooled transverse triple
  • Horsepower - 58bhp
  • Top Speed - 110 mph
  • Launched - 1972-1973
  • 191kg
  • Drum brakes
  • 1972 Triumph Hurricane X75 Triumph Hurricane X75  
    1972 Triumph Hurricane X75 Triumph Hurricane X75  
    1973 Triumph Hurricane X75, 750cc 1973 Triumph Hurricane X75, 750cc  

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