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Vauxhall Classic Bikes

Some years before the takeover in December 1925 by the American automotive giant General Motors, Vauxhall considered building a motorcycle. The project was rather more ambitious than the usual immediate post-WWI singles and V-twins. The model was penned by consultant engineering designer Major Frank Halford ( a friend of Harry Ricardo whose four-valve Triumphs Halford racer with success at Brooklands) and comprised an inline ohv four-cylinder engine driving through a car type three speed gearbox with shaft final drive to the rear wheel.

Vauxhall tooled up for a pilot batch of six 944cc (originally claimed 930cc) machines but as few as two were built - probably having costed the exercise, Vauxhall deemed it a non-starter.

Bike Image Description
1922 Vauxhall Vauxhall classic bike 931cc four-cylinder.
1922 Vauxhall 931cc 1922 Vauxhall 931cc  

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