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Vic Camp Suzuki Gallery

The Camp Suzuki's were built to provide economical new race bikes for club racers and they gave many racers an affordable route into circuit racing.

They were built from TS250 trail bikes and by adding a disc front brake and shortening the front forks, a surprisingly nimble bike was created. The engine was effectively half a T500 and so suitable porting and exhaust technology was readily available.

Vic Camp had been the importer for Ducati motorcycles to the UK unti the early '70s when Ducati started their own set up. He had always supported circuit racing with modified road bikes and had run a race school with Tom Kirby. Feeling somewhat aggrieved at the loss of the Ducati dealership, Camp turned to Suzuki for his Walthamstow bike shop and 250 two strokes bikes were a natural progression.

Bike Image Description
Camp Suzuki 250 Camp Suzuki 250

Vic started production in the autumn of '75. The hump back tank and seat (as shown) did not come in until later in '76 if not '77. There are many single cylinder Suzukis claiming to be Vic Camp bikes but as far as I'm aware, Vic made 48 of these bikes... genuine TS250 Clubman Racers

Vic Camp Suzuki Vic Camp Suzuki Hump back tank, also exhaust is high line; over the engine to come out right side of seat. Although Vic Camp made high line exhausts on the later models, this one was custom made.
Vic Camp Suzuki 250 Vic Camp Suzuki 250 As above but fully faired.

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