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Yamaha DT1 Gallery

Winning an unprecedented following from the time of its release, this DT-1 started a worldwide boom in trail bikes. Before the appearance of the DT-1, off-road bikes had been primarily “scrambler” type bikes adapted from on-road models. By contrast, this model was the embodiment of a machine to take you “beyond where the roads end.” Packed full of technologies and features expressly for off-road riding, like a Ceriani type front fork with the longest stroke of any Japanese-made unit at the time, Autolube, a 5-port piston valve engine, wide-radius block-pattern tires and an engine guard, this model created the new genre known as “trail bikes.”

Bike Image Description
Yamaha DT-1 Yamaha DT-1  
1970 Yamaha DT1 Yamaha DT-1  
1982 Yamaha DT1_C 1982 Yamaha XT250

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