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Bike Image Description
Yamaha DT-200R Yamaha DT-200R This “Super Trail” model brought the mechanics, performance and even the image of Yamaha’s YZ motocrossers to a street-legal vehicle for the first time. Its 2-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine was the first to adopt both the YEIS and YPVS technologies on its engine, achieving a high power output of 30 horsepower. In the front it sported a disc brake system designed specifically for offroad use.
1984 Yamaha DT 200R Yamaha DT 200R

1986 Yamaha DT 200R DT 200R
  • Liquid cooled, two stroke, single-cylinder
  • 32bhp @ 8500rpm
  • 6 speed
  • Disc front brake, drum rear
  • 99kg
  • Telescopic fork/monocross
1988 Yamaha DT200R 1988 Yamaha DT 200R  
1990 Yamaha DT200R 1990 Yamaha DT 200R  
1992 Yamaha DT 200WR Yamaha DT 200WR  

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