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Yamaha TY250 Gallery

Yamaha developed the TY250 as a competition model at a time when trial competition was booming. Mic “the Magician” Andrews was one of the riders involved in the development. The TY250J was released as a model that could also be ridden on public roads. With its 250cc engine known for flat torque characteristics and solid low-speed-range torque so strong that the machine would move forward even at idle, its slim body and fat rear tire, this model’s pedigree as a trial machine was beyond question. Its many records in competition speak for themselves.

Bike Image Description
Yamaha TY250 Yamaha TY250  
1974 Yamaha TY250 Yamaha TY250  
1974 Yamaha TY250A 1974 Yamaha TY250A  
1977 Yamaha TY250 1977 Yamaha TY250  
1978 Yamaha TY250C Yamaha TY250A  
1979 Yamaha TY250 1979 Yamaha TY250  
1985 Yamaha TY250 TY250  

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