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Yamaha XV750 Gallery

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Bike Image Description
1981 Yamaha XV750 Yamaha XV750
1981 Yamaha XV750 Virago 1981 Yamaha XV750 Virago  
1981 Yamaha XV750 Special 1981 Yamaha XV750 Special
  • Air cooled, four stroke, 75°-V-Twin cylinder, SOHC. 2 valve per cylinder.
  • 60bhp @ 7000rpm
  • 213kg
  • 111mph
  • 53mpg
  • 5 speed
1982 Yamaha XV750 Special XV750  
Yamaha XV750 Special Yamaha XV750 Special This American-style model mounted a newly developed 75-degree V-twin engine characterized by a sense of powerful torque that accentuated the solid American type ride. Also, adopting features like the first Monocross suspension in its class and shaft drive, it achieved higher levels of function and reliability as well. For these reasons this model won an especially strong reputation in overseas markets where longer riding distances are common.
1984 Yamaha XV750 Special 1984 Yamaha XV750 Special  
1992 Yamaha XV750 Virago 1992 Yamaha XV750 Virago Yamaha's 750 Virago is entering it's fifteenth consecutive year of production. In this age of techno-marvel constant-change, not much of anything can boast of that kind of staying power. Yamaha has refused to change the qualities that make their cruiser a showroom success - Muscular-looking air-cooled V-twin, raked-out forks, low-slung frame, tear-drop tank, and lots of chrome. That classic American style thats become an American cycling institution. In this arena, the 1995 750 Virago shines like its highly-polished chrome-plated exhaust pipes. Its robust V-twin motor delivers smooth power and responsive carburetion, with idle-to-redline strength. Strong enough to play jack rabbit at stop light drags, with enough usable power to muster up effortless top-gear passes on the daily freeway commute. Its low-rider seat height allows shorter pilots the comfort of planting both feet easily on the ground during stop-and-go riding, and the wide pull-back handlebars offer plenty of leverage at parking lot speeds. Narrow and light, the 750 Virago is exceptionally easy to ride. With it's softly-sprung suspension and flashy good looks, the Virago begs to be taken downtown after dark for a cruise down the boulevard.

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