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Yamaha RXS100

The Yamaha RX 100 was a motorcycle produced by Yamaha, and is no longer in production. It was a 2 stroke motorcycle, with a 4 speed gearbox and a top speed of 100 kmph. Fuel efficiency is low at 30-35 kilometres/litres.

Prior to the release of the RX100 in India, there were only three bike manufacturers - Escorts, Royal Enfield as well as the Jawa (later renamed to Yezdi). During the 1980's the government decided to allow foreign manufacturers to sell bikes in India, partnering with existing Indian companies. Honda partnered with Kinetic as well as Hero cycles to release Kinetic Honda and Hero Honda respectively. Kawasaki partnered with auto manufacturer Bajaj. And Yamaha partnered with Escorts to release the Yamaha RX100 2-stroke bike with 11bhp. The pickup and top speed were the best during that time in all the bikes manufactured in India.

This bike was embraced by the youth of that time. Whether it was the original with it's energetic looks or modifications, Indian youth at all times (including now) respect this vehicle.


While the mileage of an RX100 (also known as rx, colloquially) was never a USP, it's only competition was in pickup and speed. The Kawasaki KB100 RTZ was the only bike of its class that could claim to beat it in a drag. Though a lot depended on the individual riders. Suzuki released the Shogun, a 110cc vehicle that beat the rx in all departments of the same game where rx was the leader, but it was too little too late.

The Decline

Stricter emission norms by the Government of India lead to the ban on several 2-stroke vehicles. The rx, the Kawasaki 100, the Suzuki 2-stroke bikes were all banned by the mid-1990s. Yamaha's response was to bring out the 135cc RXG. Though it retained the classic looks of the rx, it never really clicked with the public, and Yamaha lost terribly. They brought out a better bike called the RXZ which was shaped a lot better but it never lived to see the new millennium. The 135cc 5-speed rx135 met with the same fate. Yamaha released its last 2-stroke vehicle in India - the 4-speed RX135 that could be bought legally first-hand till August 2005 in select cities.


Even today in India, most of the young working employees have awe for this vehicle, and would prefer a 10 yr old 2-stroke Yamaha to the fashionable bikes available on the road. This despite the fact that the original version does not come out with modern enhancements like fuel indicators, Saree guard and side box. The headlamp has also not been good enough to ride at night. But the engine is one that lasts long. People who bought this bike in the 80's and 90's would get approximately the same fuel efficiency they got when the bike was brand new. The engine quality was such that it could be re-bored the maximum in all the bikes manufactured in India. Owners of this vehicle flaunt it as a status symbol of their youth.