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Achilles Classic Bikes

The Achilles factory of Weikert & Company was located in Wilhelmshaven in northwestern Germany. They produced scooter-like bikes with 147cc and 174cc Sachs two-stroke engines. These had a four speed gearbox with foot-change gear lever and a neutral selector switch on the handlebars. The chassis had 8 inch wheels, telescopic front forks and swing-arm rear suspension.

At some point 48cc mopeds were added to the production line. Production ended in 1957, and Norman in England bought the production tools. Very few examples of the machine exist, and photographs and sales literature are rare.

Bike Image Description
1950 Achilles Lido 49cc Achilles Lido Image supplied by
1955 Achilles Scooter 150 Sport Achilles Scooter This historic marque ceased trading 2 years after this scooter was built in 1957. Built using the renowned Sachs engine this scooter combined the usual motorcycle front end with the enclosed bodywork and style of a scooter.

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