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Allstate Classic Motorcycles

Sears resold vehicles from several manufactures rebadged with the Sears "Allstate" brand. Most Allstate models were scooters, but several motorcycles and even a car were sold under the Allstate marque. The Vespa and Cushman scooters are the most commonly recognized Allstate models.

Bike Image Description
1956 Allstate 175 SV 1956 Allstate 175 SV These bikes were imported from Austria by Sears in the 1950's and 1960's and sold under the name Allstate.
1966 Sears Allstate SR175 Sears Allstate

This is a 1966 Sears Allstate SR 175 "Twingle" manufactured by Puch of Austria.

Single cylinder, dual piston, 175cc. displacement, 6:1 compression ratio; 10 horsepower, dual exhaust, two-stroke, top speed 63 mph.

1968 Sears Allstate 1968 Allstate  
Allstate Scooter model 123.9440 Allstate Scooter Manufactured by Yardman, sold by Sears.

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