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Aprilia Classic Bikes

Aprilia is a dream come true. The dream of an enthusiast, Ivano Beggio, who made up his mind to create a motorcycle company which would become famous throughout the world. And to become famous in the motorcycling world, racing and winning at maximum level is indispensable. Madness at a time when, one after the other, the great Italian and English companies were starting to disappear with the formidable Japanese in hot pursuit.

How often over the years, even after Aprilia had started to make a name for itself, they accused the Noale company of being "over ambitious". A rider who transferred from Aprilia to Honda at the end of the 1980s said in an interview: "At Noale, we were all a bit dazzled. We even thought we could beat the Japanese!". More Aprilia motorcycle history....

Bike Image Description
1977 Aprilia 50cc 1977 Aprilia 50cc  
1979 Aprilia RC 250 Aprilia RC 250 Two stroke single cylinder.
1983 Aprilian RX125 Aprilia RX125 Liquid cooled, single cylinder, two stroke.
1983 Aprilia ST125 Aprilia ST125 Two stroke, single cylinder.
1984 Aprilia ETX 125 Aprilia ETX 125  
1985 Aprilia RX250 Aprilia RX250 Liquid cooled. two stroke, single cylinder, rotary valve.
1987 Aprilia Tuareg 125 Wind Aprilia Tuareg 125 Wind Liquid cooled, two stroke, single cylinder.
1989 Aprilia ETX350 Aprilia ETX350 four stroke, single cylinder.
1990 Aprilia AF1 Futura Aprilia AF1 Futura 1990 aprilia futura race bike with original rotax race engine, 2 stroke. Road legal.

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