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Ariel Huntmaster Gallery

Bike Image Description
1954 Ariel Huntmaster 1954 Ariel Huntmaster

This motorcycle is a hybrid composing of an Ariel 1954 Huntmaster frame, an unknown vintage Ariel 650cc Huntmaster engine coupled to a 4 speed Burman gearbox. You will see from the photos that the front end has Norton Roadholder forks with a Lockheed disc brake, whilst the tank and ‘Goldie’ exhausts are pure BSA, with a Royal Enfield seat.

1957 Ariel FH 650 Huntmaster Ariel FH 650 Huntmaster
1958 Ariel Huntmaster Ariel Huntmaster  
1958 Ariel Huntmaster 1958 Ariel Huntmaster side-car combination, 650cc, 1 Bhp. Four-speed manual.


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