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Armstrong Classic Motorcycles


The motorcycle arm of British car components giant Armstrong produced moiocross, trials, road racing and military bikes in the 1980s, after taking over Barton Kngineering and CCM. Most were powered by engines from Rotax of Austria. Armstrong's CF250 road-racer, introduced in 1983, featured a tandem-twin Rotax engine in an innovative twin-spar carbon fibre frame.

Niall Mackenzie and Donnie McLeod dominated British racing, and scored some impressive results in Grands Prix. Armstrong also built a very successful single-cylinder, four-stroke military bike, rights to which were later sold to Harley-Davidson.

Bike Image Description
Armstrong, ex Army, with Rotax engine ARMSTRONG, ex Army, with Rotax engine
1984 Armstrong Sammy Miller Armstrong Sammy Miller 240cc trials bike.
1984 Armstrong CanAm 240 Trial 1984 Armstrong CanAm 240 Trial
1985 Armstrong MT500 1985 Armstrong MT500
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