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Bianchi Classic Motorcycles

Bianchi motorcycles were made from 1897 to 1967 by F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A, a company which today is a major Italian bicycle manufacturer, and who also produced automobiles from 1900 to 1939. Edoardo Bianchi started his bicycle manufacturing business in a small shop on Milan’s Via Nirone in 1885. Bianchi was a prominent name in the motorcycle racing world from 1925 to 1930.

Edoardo Bianchi was an Italian motorcycling pioneer who began by building bicycles in 1885. He built a motorised bicycle in 1897, and a car in 1900. In 1903 he fitted engines in the centre of strengthened bicycle frames, and by 1905 also fitted Truffault leading link forks. In 1910 Bianchi built a 498 cc single that was very successful and established the Bianchi motorcycle name.

In 1916 a 650 cc V-twin was made, and was enlarged to 741 cc in 1920. In 1921 a smaller 598 cc V-twin, and a new 498 cc single with all chain drive was released. There was a 348 cc side valve single for 1923, and V-twins of 498 cc and 598 cc. In 1924 a 173 cc overhead valve single was added to the range

Bike Image Description
1938 Bianchi 250 Sport 1938 Bianchi 250 Sport OHV Twin Port. Freccia d'oro.
1939 Bianchi 500cc Single Side Valve 1939 Bianchi 500cc Single Side Valve Image provided by
1951 Bianchi Aquilotto 1951 Bianchi Aquilotto  
1954 Bianchi Tonale 175 Sport 1954 Bianchi Tonale 175 Sport

1954 Bianchi Aqualeto

1954 Bianchi Aqualeto 49cc.
1956 Bianchi 175cc OHV 1956 Bianchi 175cc OHV
Bianchi 175cc OHV 1956 BIANCHI 175cc OHV 1956
1959 Bianchi Military G90 1959 Bianchi Military G90
1960 Bianchi Gardena 1960 Bianchi Gardena 75cc.
1961 Bianchi Aquilotto 1961 Bianchi Aquilotto 48cc
1961 Bianchi Tonale 1961 Bianchi Tonale 175cc, overhead camshaft single cylinder, battery/coil, 6-volt electrics, bore and stroke 60 x 61.8mm, 8.3bhp at 6000rpm.
1969 Bianchi Aquilotto 1969 Bianchi Aquilotto 49cc.
1989 Bianchi Bianchi classic bike semi amphbious army bike, thought to be made in 1959 by bianchi for trials and testing by the Italian army. 318cc.

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