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BMW R100RS Gallery

There was no official R80RS,although there are a few 80's about with fairings on. The 800 can't take the sustained speed the RS fairing allows.The RS Fairing, developed in a wind tunnel actually creates downforce and helps hold the bike to the ground so it doesn't go light at the front end when travelling at speed.

As to the differences between the R80 and R100, I think the R80 was suppose to be the affordable BMW of its time. It was designed to compete with the Japanese and Brit 750 cc bikes of that era. While the R100 was designed to compete with the super bikes that the Japanese and Brits were introducting. The beauty was they were better built, and more reliable bike than any of its competition, but cost more initially. While the Japanese and Brit bikes were less expensive, their life expectancy was about half that of a BMW. Also, the maintenance cost on those Japanese and Brit bikes was higher over the long haul than the BMW's

Bike Image Description
  • Engine - 990cc, air-oil cooled Boxer twin
  • Top Speed - 125mph (201kph)
  • Launched - 1977-1985
  • Maximum Power - 75bhp
  • 1976 BMW R 100RS 1976 BMW R 100RS  
    1978 BMW R100 RS Motorsport BMW R100 RS Motorsport

    1 of only 200 made.

    Non-stock items:

    Black stainless exhaust
    Electronic ignition
    Progressive forks
    Later model BMW hardbags with liners

    1978 BMW R100RS 1978 BMW R100 RS  
    1978 BMW R100RS 1978 BMW R100RS  
    1978 BMW R 100RS 1978 BMW R 100RS  
    1979 BMW R100RS 1979 BMW R100RS  
    1980 BMW R100 RS 1980 BMW R 100RS  
    1980 BMW R100 RS BMW R100 RS  
    1981 BMW R100RS 1981 BMW R100RS 980cc, 70 Bhp.
    1981 BMW R100RS 1981 BMW R100 RS Image supplied by
    1982 BMW R100RS 1982 BMW R100RS  

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