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BSA B50 History


Introduction of 499cc B50T (Victor Trail), B50SS (Gold Star Street Scrambler) and B50MX (Civtor MX). All have a competition-derived oil carrying frame and high exhausts. They trace their engine heritage to the 1958 250CC BSA C15 unit single, the 1961 350cc B40 and the 1966 441cc B44. The B50MX competition model features stainless steel mudguards, yellow side panels (white for the US market) and matt black exhaust. B50T has high level front mudguard and lower gearing than the SS. All have roller bearing big ends plus an extra drive-side bearing to cope with the extra power.
The B50T and B50MX have a 6in single leading shoe front brake, the B50SS has a twin leading shoe type. Some B50 exampes were badged as Triumph (TR5MX) for the US market. None of the B50 series had rev counters.


Black frames replace light grey. B50MX alloy tank features white centre stripe and ‘Flambordeaux’ side stripes. B50SS now with matt black exhaust. Fuel tank, side panels and mudguards in Hi-Violet. Last year of production 1916 SS and 3346 Victor T models produced for UK market in total.


Existing stock of B50T and B50SS models continue to be sold, ’73 model B50MS listed. BSA goes out of business.


CCM buys BSA’s competition department stock and develops its own B50 based 500cc unit single racer. This was made until 1979.