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Casal Classic Bikes

Metalurgia Casal was the largest Portuguese motorcycle manufacturer, based in Aveiro. It was founded in 1953 and its first products included agricultural engines. During the following years it designed and produced a wide range of motorbike and motorcycle models, with significant exports to several countries.

Casal started motorcycle production during 1964 and rapidly established themselves as Portugal's major motorcycle producer, exporting their products around the world. Production concentrated on mopeds and lightweight motorcycles, initially using Zundapp engines which were subsequently replaced with their own two stroke engines.

The company faced financial problems in the late 1990s. Today it operates as a Suzuki representative in Portugal.

Bike Image Description
1972 Casal Sports Moped 1972 Casal Sports Moped
1972 Casal K196 GB Casal K196 GB
1976 Casal Sports Moped
Casal Sports Moped
1976 Casal S2 Moped Casal S2 Moped 2-speed, hand gear change, 49cc.

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